Friday, October 23, 2009

"Tickle my feet!"

That's how Vaeh described having her feet casted & then the inserts applied. She was casted about 2 weeks ago for orthotics. I'd been wondering for a while if/when she would need these. She has always had a very flat arch which she gets from her Daddy! Mommy has the exact opposite, having VERY high arches (which can be just as bad, if not worse).

We didn't really worry about it last year & over the summer. Partly because she was just learing to walk & because the therapist that was working with her really didn't seem to care (lets not get started on THAT subject!). So when she started school/therapy this fall (with therapist that I trust completely!!!) we talked about her getting them to help with he walking/running/jumping.

This morning was her appointment to pick them up. She was so excited to go in - I think she remembered being there & having her feet casted. He put them on her to get a quick fit to know where to trim them & then put them in her shoes. She did really well with them when she first stood up & has seemed as if they aren't bothering her a bit! She has some red spots after wearing them, but overall she hasn't complained once!! I think there may be an adjustment in her future, though.

Hopefully everyone is having a good weekend (even though its nearly over:0( ) & that everyone is staying healthy! We're doing okay here, but unfortunately there were confirmed cases of H1N1 in our county this past week... so needless to say, I'm on alert! Here's to a fun, healthy week!


Lee Family said...

I am so glad she got her orthotics, I hope she adjusts well and she does great with them on. Please take some pics of them I would like to see them on her.

Stay Healthy this week and have a good one.

jencooper said...

I hope that Vaeh continues to adjust well to the orthotics. I am glad that it has been an easy transition!!

Hope that you are having a great week. Stay healthy!


The Portas said...

How high do her orthotics go up her leg? I hope they work well for her! Elijah's work well on ONE foot. We're hoping the other foot will follow suit soon, but we might have to have him refitted.

Sending lots of protective healthy prayers your way! xo

Mami Adame said...

What a big girl Vaeh is, hope her orthotics continue not to be a bother. And potty training? How exciting! I'm headed that way with Angelina, only because she is letting me know when she's wet. Hope it goes smooth for you :)