Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Saving Little Hearts 2010 Calendar

They've finally come out with the SLH calendar for 2010. If you remember, I posted about it a while back, here. I had sent one of Miss Vaeh's photos from the Littlest Heroes Project shoot that we had for her. I finally saw a draft of the finished product. Vaeh was placed in January. If I read correctly, they had more than enough photos to complete the calendar. So many, in fact, that they made it a 15 month calendar! Here's a look at January's page...

If you look closely, you'll see Miss V in the bottom row, 4th in from the right! Isn't she just beautiful?! (yes, that was a VERY biased statement;0) You can go to the Saving Little Hearts site to order your calendar! I think there may even be a place to find where you can submit photos for next year's calendar.

I'm so sorry that I've been dormant here lately. I've been kinda upset with blogger, or my computer (not exactly sure which one). I haven't been able to upload any photos... ugh! But for some reason, something told me to try this morning & it worked! WooHoo! So, to back track a bit, someone asked about pics of Miss V's orthotics. Blogger still isn't letting me upload some photos & I'm not sure why. I'll keep trying to get it to cooperate with me!

In other news, Vaeh had a check up last week & here's her newest stats: she weighs in at a whopping 30.5lbs & is 36.25 inches tall!! I never thought that my little peanut would break the 30lb. mark, but yet again she has amazed me! She's doing really well in school & is making great progress with her orthotics. The therapist did tell me that they may be evaluating her for OT again, as she seems to be lacking in some (very) fine motor skills (ie: threading small beads onto a string). I say if it will help her, bring it on! She's still having trouble with drawing circles, copying things that someone else has drawn, but is still doing well & loving school!

One last little note for this post. If you all would remember my Aunt & Uncle, & their family in your prayers. My Aunt's Mother-in-law was taken to the hospital a couple of weeks ago & is still in the hospital. She's now at a larger facility where they're still trying to decide if she has a tumor or fungal infection in her brain. Its been very stressful on the family & they could use your prayers... & I know there's some great prayer warriors floating around blogger-land! Hope everyone else is doing well!


Lee Family said...

Your family will be in my prayers.

I am glad to hear everything is going good and Veah is doing great.

I love the Calender I am going to have to order one for myself :)

Take care and hope you have a great rest of the week.

The Portas said...

I'm so glad your little Vaeh is doing so well. That makes me so happy!

Sorry to hear about your family member. :( We'll keep her in our prayers.

I'm so excited that Elijah and Vaeh are on the exact same calendar page!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mina said...

How cute, Vaeh and Elijah got the same row :) You really chose a great pic to submit for the calendar.

It's great to hear how well Vaeh is doing, and I'll keep your family in my thoughts.

Vanessa said...

Can you believe Arianna and Vaeh were only 5 spots away (or something like that). Arianna is on February.

I'm so glad everything is going well. I know the whole blogger slacker thing. I'll explain more in a post to come. All is well just life happening.