Friday, January 21, 2011


So, my hope for going through the winter unscathed by illness was dashed last weekend. Miss Vaeh had been coughing a bit, but nothing out of the ordinary. Considering there are 4 to 7 other kiddos here on any given day & she attends pre-school 4 days a week, she's been exposed to everything under the sun.

After a hefty coughing spell she ended up vomiting. Then the fever arrived... ugh. So last Sunday we took Miss V to urgent care for a chest x-ray to make sure it wasn't our 'friend' pneumonia. Thankfully, he has remained on vacation! (I hope he does permanently!) The doctor who was working in urgent care that day had actually worked out at UCLA in pediatric cardiology for a while, so he knew exactly what was going on with Vaeh's heart, so he was very understanding of my concern. After having the x-ray & a swab to rule out influenza, we had scripts in hand & were on our way home with a diagnosis of "asthmatic bronchitis."

Because of this round of "sickies" as they are known in our house, our buddy made a re-appearance:

Its been at least a year since we've had to use our friend, but thankfully Miss Vaeh hasn't forgotten him! She still holds it right up to her nose, after of course helping to put the meds into the cup & turn it on! After a week of neb treatments & an antibiotic, Vaeh sounds much better. She's still coughing a bit, but is almost back to 100%.

School was a "no go" for this week for Vaeh & Gabie was home one day & able to sleep in 2 other days due to ice/snow. Now starts the make up schedule for the kids. Vaeh won't have any make up days, but if anymore days are missed they will have to be made up at the end of the year. So, we'll see how far into June the kids actually go...

With CHD Awareness Day/Week coming up, a couple of other heart mom's that live here in our town & I are trying to get something in our local papers. There are 2 that we're trying for & today I am supposed to do an interview with one I'll try to put up a link to the articles if I can! How are all of you going to 'celebrate' CHD day?! Vaeh & I are planning a great day, including a trip to the cardiologist! What a great day to see her heart doctor, huh?! I'm hoping that our plan continues: weaning the revatio & then a trip to the cath lab. I'm guessing that sometime at the end of May, beginning of June is when we are heading in there. I'm hoping that we are able to get things scheduled around both dance recitals this year! The girls put so much work into dance that I don't want either of them to miss out on their special day!

Hope everyone is doing well! Thanks for checking in on us!