Sunday, April 17, 2011

Frustration... again:0(

Okay, so I know I've again become a blogging slacker. Guess having anywhere from one to 4 extra kids in the house everyday takes up so much more of my time! (and my mind;0) Things have been going fairly well here. That is until the phone call I received this past Friday afternoon at 5:15PM. When I looked at the caller ID, my heart kinda sank. I knew it probably wouldn't be a good conversation once I picked up the line. Despite that sinking feeling in my tummy, I went ahead & answered the phone... "Tina, this is Maresa at Dr. Butto's office. We were wondering if it would be okay to push Nevaeh's heart cath back until May 26th." "Are you kidding me?!" This was my exact response to her question. Of course she answered yes. "We've had an emergency case come in & Dr. Butto was wondering if we could re-schedule Nevaeh's" I'm pretty sure she could sense the frustration & disbelief in my voice as I explained that Jon had alreay scheduled off work. I had already re-arranged things for my schedule, as well as Gabie's. She seemed kind of taken aback as she told me that she would check with Dr. Butto about keeping her on the schedule. She told me she would call me back. I'm currently waiting on that return phone call... grrr! I don't think that hospitals or doctor's office staff truly understand how frustrating it is to have to reschedule things. I really do understand that there are emergencies... Vaeh has been bumped twice when on the schedule for open heart surgeries. But this one really perturbed me. Seriously, you wait to call a family of a child having a cardiac catheterization in the coming week on Friday afternoon, basically after business hours? If its such an emergency, then why can it wait a week & why isn't the first procedure of the day being bumped instead of us? Not to mention, we have to come from 90 miles south of your facility for this procedure... not just a 20 minute drive across town. So, I'm hoping that Monday morning brings news that won't totally disappoint me or stress me out for another month waiting on this to be done. You would think there would be some better organization, here. Sorry for the quick vent, but this is the life of a CHD momma! Hope everyone else is doing well! I'll post all the fun details when I get them:0/