Sunday, June 6, 2010

Beautiful Dancer!

Kids grow up way too fast. That reality hit me smack dab in the nose this weekend. Even thought Gabie has been in kindergarten, & even Vaeh in pre-school one day a week, it hadn't really sunk in. There's something about seeing your daughter in make up that changes your perception...

This is Miss Gabie in the holding room before her recital began this weekend. Isn't she just adorable?! (Notice the TWO teeth missing! She pulled the second one last Saturday... again, all by herself! Yet another sign she's growing up WAY too fast!)Now just so you know, she will NOT be wearing make up on a regular basis for a very long time! This was just for the performance:0)

I asked her if she was nervous on the way up to the recital, & she said "No. I'm just going to do what you told me: do what Miss Renee said!" She was only in one number for this, her first year. But to watch her on stage, you would have thought she'd been dancing for at least a couple of years! The smile was there, she sang along with the song & did her steps perfectly!! (Yes, I am just a bit biased;0)) Here she is on stage...

Isn't she beautiful?! (Again, just a bit biased!)

It was so much fun watching Gabie blossom into a little dancer this year! Now the fun begins, because you know who'll be joining her in taking lessons next year, right?!

On another note... Congratulations to Dan, Megan & Elijah on the arrival of Samson! Welcome to the wonderful world of a family of 4!