Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I did it!!

Yep. I did it. I've been putting this off for quite some time now, though I'm not sure why I've been putting it off. Procrastination, I guess:0) (I'm really good at that!)

Oh, I guess I should tell you all what I'm talking about... The Littlest Hero's Project. I've known about this wonderful charity for a while now. When I first found them Vaeh hadn't had her final repair & was on O2. In my mind at that point I didn't want the pictures to have all the tubes, etc. Now I wish we'd done it then. Here's a case of hindsight being 20/20!

So I really decided to do all this around 10:30 last night, & by this morning I had an acceptance email!! So today I've been scouting out photographers on their list & emailing them back! Now its just a matter of hearing back from the actual photographer that we'll be working with! Its really exciting anticipating having another picture on the wall other than the one from the hospital - LoL!!!

Not much else going on around here. Miss Vaeh did fall & hit her eye on something & now looks like she has a streak of eye shadow on!

Oh, the joys of growing up "normal"!
Hope everyone else is doing well! I think we all need to band together & do a sunshine & warmth dance. That is if you live in the mid west!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Here we go again...

So, this was the scene in our house... again, this morning. Miss Vaeh has had a runny nose the past couple of days, but yesterday it kicked into high gear. Every time she turned around I had to wipe her nose. At times it even was a little bloody (I think from the dry air). Her eyes have been extremely watery & "goopy" with a lot of matter. She's even woke up with her eyes matted shut a couple of days ago:0( So after trying benadryl last night, to no avail, I broke the nebulizer out again this morning. She's just so stuffy sounding - like she's talking through her nose! So, for anyone who doesn't "speak Vaeh" its even more difficult to understand her - LoL!!

As for other news, Vaeh's really getting good at going up & down steps - with help, that is! That, running & jumping are basically the only reasons she's not "caught up" developmentally, according to the therapist. She is sooo close to running... we make her try it all the time. This for two reasons, really: 1.) she gets better with practice, & 2.) she's just so darn cute when she does it! I was actually able to catch her on video...

Don't mind the crazy woman operating the camera & asking her to run over & over! I just can't help myself, she looks so determined with that arm pumping along! It reminds me of her first steps & having to have the purse on her shoulder before she would walk!

So, Miss V will be getting at least daily nebs until the weather warms up & stays that way. The weather forecast for our area is to be around 70 degrees by Friday, & then back down into the 40's & 50's with rain again by the middle of next week!!! Maybe by the time summer gets here it will feel like spring!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Boy has it been a busy weekend! I know its been a while since I've posted. But last week my uncle was in the hospital because he had a blood clot! We think that there's something in the water around here. He is the 4th person in my family to have a blood clot - whew! So, because he was in the hospital, the girls & I entertained their kids (ages 8 to 12). Needless to say, there was a lot more noise, clutter & commotion around here!

Friday afternoon we colored Easter eggs:0) They all had so much fun, including Miss Vaeh! She had to have something to do while waiting for someone to pass her an egg, so Mawmaw had her 'stir' the dye - what a riot! She grabbed the spoon & stirred with all her might! Too cute!

Then this morning, we all got ready & headed down for the Easter contata at church. The girls looked so pretty all dressed up in their new dresses!! Although I don't think Miss Vaeh will be able to wear hers again:0( It is absolutely beautiful & fits great everywhere but... the chest! I was just barely able to get it zipped up! Well, at least I was able to get it on her this morning & get pictures of her in it!

Here's some pictures from our weekend!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Hopefully some warmer temps are on the way on a more regular basis... I can't wait to get out in my flower beds & get things planted!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Okay, so for how long did I wish that Vaeh would be normal? Well she's getting that "normal" thing down pat! Not only does she act like a very normal 2 year old & a very normal little sister, but she also gets bumps & bruises in a normal sense. (Just now as I'm typing this post, I can hear her & Gabby getting into a little scuffle - must not be too bad, though, Gabby didn't yell "MOM!" - LoL)

We usually make it up to Mawmaw's shop (the florist store) once a week. We tend to pop in after we drop off Gabby at school. Yesterday happened to be our day. We stopped to pick up something that they needed dropped at Gabby's school, & they offered lunch. Plus, if I were to leave without Vaeh getting to see Mawmaw over lunch, I'd be mud!

Since there's not much time after that until Gabby needs picked up, we just hung around & talked with the girls. There's 3 girls other than my 2 aunts that work in the shop & Vaeh has fun with all of them! Missy takes care of stuff out in the green house, so her & Vaeh are now best buds. Vaeh LOVES going out to the green house. I told Missy that I'd bring Vaeh's high chair up & we'd set her out there when Missy's working & let Vaeh play in the dirt! I'll be sure to get pictures if we ever get around to it!

We were up in the main part of the shop & Miss V was busy running around between work stations. My Aunt Deb was taking a step back & didn't see miss thing & ... BOOM! Vaeh fell down. Usually no biggie & I was trying to blow it off, but Deb says "she hit when she fell." So when we were checking her over, we found it. There was a red line on her chin from where she had hit the edge of the shelf. It wasn't bleeding too bad, just a bit that anyone would expect. But the closer I looked, there was a very tiny gash. It was open, but again not bleeding too much. It was one of those cuts that if I'd taken her in to the ER they'd probably have thrown a stitch in it just to charge the insurance a little more (LoL)!!

So, Nurse Mommy back to work! We put a band aid on it after cleaning it & putting ointment on it. I pulled the band aid a little snug to try & hold the cut together. When we got home, it looked like it had bled some, so I took the band aid off to check it out. It had already closed!! But just to be on the safe side, I put a few steri stips over it. (They look better than the band aid I think...) Its a good thing I kept ahold of all the stuff we used to use for Vaeh's NJ tube:0) (I'll have to tell you all sometime about our experiences with changing the tape on THAT!) Here's what she looked like this morning:

It looks much better in person:0) The orange -ish stuff around the edges is an adhesive bonder to make them stick! So my hoarding of medical supplies comes in handy!

You wouldn't even know that she'd done anything this morning.. she's just as "normal" as ever!