Monday, October 19, 2009

Potty training!!

Yep. Vaeh continues to become more "normal" each day. This past week, we started potty training... finally!

This was kinda new territory for me. With Gabby, she was potty trained by a friend of mine (Thanks, Angel!) when we were in Ann Arbor for Vaeh's 2nd open heart. Gabby was trained late, too, in part because of the chaos that was our life back then. Meds every two hours from 6AM to midnight, no sleep, you get the picture. So it was Angel who had the know how & the patience to work with her.

Miss Vaeh has been telling me for a few months now "I peed, Mommy," after she wet in her diaper. I had dabbled with attempting to train her, but each time I gave her her lasix it ruined any progress that we had made. So when we finally got rid of the lasix back at the end of August, I wanted to give her some time to adjust. She had been doing pretty well the week before last in pull ups, so I decided to just go ahead & put her in panties. And it worked... fairly well. She went all week last week with only 2 accidents!! She did so well that we even had her in panties for church on Sunday!! She made it the whole day!! She's just so darn cute. We have to do the "dance" after we go, & Miss Vaeh is in charge of flusing;0) - she likes to say "bye-bye, tinkle!"

Last week went great... today, not so well:0/ She is still wearing panties, but today we've had a couple of accidents. I did put her in a pull up for school today, just so that they wouldn't have to worry about it. I think next week, though, we'll go for the gusto. Her main issue is probably the same one that plagues most kids when potty training... the dreaded "#2." That's where most of her accidents come in, so if anyone has any tips please feel free to drop them in a comment! I'm just so proud of her!

Hope everyone else is staying healthy, or getting back to being healthy!! Thanks again for checking in on us!


Lee Family said...

WOW way to go Vaeh, What a big girl using the toilet. #2 is always the hardest. Sorry I don't have any advice about that. Keep up the good work sweety.

Amber said...

What a biggie girl Vaeh! I'm so proud of you!! :0)
I have no advice older 3 trained themselves...I'm waiting for enough energy to attempt Grace. ;0) Maybe she'll have to come visit you...and come back "trained". :0)
Glad you are all staying well!

mina said...

Big girl! Sounds like Vaeh is well on the way to be potty trained!

jencooper said...

Way to go Vaeh!! Gracie wore panties to school today too!

Keep up the great work!!


Kathy said...

I can't wait until It's my turn...'re just making me giddy inside thinking that it IS possible!

hug those girlies for me!
hey...what are they going to be for Halloweeen?

Vanessa said...

Way to go Vaeh! This is a huge step. Arianna had the same issue with #2 but after a few times she decided it just was no fun and started going in the potty. Isn't it so cute when they get to wear panties!!1

Tina:0) said...

I just love the little panties;0) Its so funny to see her little bum in them!

Wendy said...

Hi Tina!

My goodness, Miss Vaeh really is a BIG girl now!!! It sounds like she's doing great with using the potty! I laughed when I read about you having to dance...I remember telling my Amanda (she's 15 now) that I would "jump for joy" if she went in the potty, so when she finally did it she made me jump and shout, "Joy, Joy, Joy!" ha!

Vaeh has certainly come a long way since we "met." She's amazing!

Give those sweet girls a hug from us! Keep up the great work, Vaeh!

Lots of Love,

Wendy (& Emma, too!)

The Portas said...

Vaeh, what a big girl! How exciting! Good luck to all of you. Potty training seems like such a daunting task (to me).

You can take notes and send them onto me! :) We're next.

I hope you guys had a good, healthy weekend. xo