Sunday, October 11, 2009

Still here...

Yep. We didn't go anywhere... other than to the peds twice, but that was over a week ago. Boy, am I a slacker (as my husband so lovingly pointed out last night;0)! Let me just reassure you that the girls are both finally on the up & up. Here's how things went:

The last time I posted, I re-introduced everyone to our old trusty friend. "He's" still just hanging around, but not needed nearly as much now. We're going to keep "him" on standby throughout the winter, though:0) The following Monday after I posted of "his" return, I ended up taking Vaeh in to see the doc. It wasn't her regular ped, but I settled for seeing someone different that visit as the girls were both scheduled to see their regular gal that Friday. Basically on Monday they told us that Vaeh had 'viral bronchitis' & to keep using our friend. She had had a fever (which is why we went to see them) but it hadn't returned that day. Doc told me that if it did pop back up & stick around to call & he'd order a CXR.

She did really well, until Friday when they both were scheduled for well child exams. Gabby is a whopping 42 lbs & 48 inches tall! Miss Vaeh has dropped just a bit & is now just over 28 lbs, but is up to 38 inches!! She's such a tall thing anymore!! Of course Vaeh would have a low-grade fever... ugh. So, still no flu-shot for her this season. Silly girl, she hasn't ever had one! Every time we'd go to get one, she would be running a slight temp which means... no shot. Maybe she'll get one this year, although I'm not sure how things will pan out;0)

During that appointment I decided to have Gabby get the flu mist. You know, the one where they spray it up your nose vs. sticking you in the arm. Thankfully Gabby wasn't too resistant to that option & did quite well when they gave it to her. However, come Sunday Miss Gabby decided to run a fever, have a headache & be nauseous all day... ugh. Which went into the night & next morning, so Gabby missed a day of school. Come Tuesday morning she was ready to return - I think that had something to do with them roller skating in gym class;0)

So, we're finally all healthy again in the house. Which is why I'm sitting at home on the computer on Sunday morning instead of a church. There's been a virus running through quite a few families at church & I didn't want to expose the girls since they're just beginning to return to normal! That, & Daddy didn't get home until about 8:30 last night & this way we can spend some time with him - he has to leave later tonight:0/

So we're all just hanging around for today, spending some time together as a family. Hope everyone else is doing well & staying healthy!


Amber said...

phew...that is much!
Vaeh and Grace are almost exactly the same size! *Grace is 38in and 27 lbs* We really should get them together ;0)
Glad you guys are feeling better!!

Colleen said...

There's so much going around. I hope your "friend" will be able to stay on standby for awhile. Praying for health!

The Portas said...

I hope you don't have to spend too much time with your friend! We are hoping our friend stays on vacation, as well.

Get (and stay) healthy, you guys! Sorry for the sickness you've been enduring. It's no fun, is it? We will send healthy prayers your way! xo

Vanessa said...

I'm so glad you guys are back to normal. No fun being sick. :(

Hope you had a wonderful weekend at home with Jon!

Lee Family said...

I am glad to hear she is doing better, Hope fully she will feel 100% real soon so she can go trick or treating.

Josh, Carley and Kaitlyn said...

Glad everyone's back to normal! :)

Kathy said...

i think i got all that...
we haven't gotten Isaac's flu shot yet too....can't keep them well long enough.
how silly are these kids.
gabby is 42 pounds! and Vaeh...28..tell her to eat more, Isaac will catch her soon!

hope the sickies stay away!