Saturday, September 26, 2009

An old friend :0/

We've had an old friend stop in for a visit the past couple of days... I'm not really all that excited about it either. Let me introduce you all, again...

That's right. Our friendly (ugh) neighborhood nebulizer has returned from hibernation for the summer. This picture is from back in April because I don't have any current ones... its been that long since we've used it! I was hoping we'd get through at least October before having any sniffles here. Its been so long that I've almost forgotten what it is to hear the humming of that machine.

Miss Vaeh started in nearly a week ago with a simple runny nose. It wasn't anything big because everyone else had one, too... darn pollen:0/ So, yesterday she started in with the coughing & we broke the nebulizer out right away! Luckily we still had some pulmicort & xopenex left over from her last round that hadn't expired yet.

So this morning Miss V woke with a lovely "rattle-y" (is that even a word? It is now if you speak "Tina" - LoL) sound in her chest. After a treatment with her nebs, & a few good coughs, she sounds much better. Although there is still a lingering hoarseness to her voice. I may be calling the pediatrician later... still havent' decided yet.

In other news, we had a not -quite-so-fun weekend last weekend. We went to my cousin's house for her daughter's 1st birthday party. On the way home, Jon wanted to stop by & check something in his truck. What he found (or didn't find) was quite a shock... someone broke into his semi & stole his TV, Playstation, CB radio, flashlight & a bunch of CD's & DVD's, amongst other things. He also has a fairly good sized refrigerator in there & they tried to take it but didn't succeed thankfully! So, Jon called the local police department & they came out, wrote a report & dusted for fingerprints. Which meant in addition to all the lovely shards of glass that were in the truck, now there was a lovely layer of black fingerprint dust. He was very impressed with how quickly the police responded & that they actually took prints, but hopes aren't too high on recovering anything. Oh, the other thing is that the company's insurance won't cover any of his stuff. "It's all stuff that can be taken home every weekend when not in the truck." Can you believe that?!?! Oh well, we'll just have to make due I guess!

We're hoping this weekend doesn't bring any unwanted surprises like last weekend did! Hope everyone else is staying healthy & has a wonderful weekend!


Amber said...

I am sick about Jon's truck! made my stomach drop when I read it. :( That is all seem to be handling it well though.

Miss Vaeh...I hope yours clears up faster than ours. We started the same way..allergy symptoms and then wham! The cough is hanging on...tis the season. :0) Know that we are doin it with ya. :)

mina said...

I hope the nebulizer can go into hibernation soon!

So sorry to hear about Jon's truck, that's terrible! I remember how violated I felt when my window was kicked in to steal my GPS, and that was just one little thing. I hope the police get some leads.

Kathy said...

uggh...hope she feels better soon. you need any more xopenex or pulmicort..not trying to push drugs on the internet...but, we have tons (just email if you do).

and let Jon know that I can ground my boys and send him one of their game systems.

The Portas said...

We unfortunately have been reunited with our friendly nebulizer recently, too. I guess it's starting already, huh? Yuck.

I'm sooo sorry to hear about Jon's truck getting broken into. That stinks big time and I'm sure he feels violated on top of being upset about getting his things stolen. So sorry about this...

Many hugs to you guys and here's to a much better week! xo

Lee Family said...

I am so sorry to hear about what happened to Jon. This has happened several times to Richard. They even have a security guard and things still get stollen all the time. I hope they recover anything.

Also I am sad to hear that Vaeh is not feeling good, I hope she gets to feeling better real soon.
Lots of hugs coming your way.

Jake & Stephanie Ellinger said...

We had our first experience with a nebulizer a couple of weeks ago and I'm convinced its going to be a long winter! Yuck!

That's too bad about the truck! Hopefully by some miracle they figure out who did it.

jencooper said...

We are about to bust out our friendly neighborhood neb...Puff the Penguin. We are all sounding stuffy and such in the Cooper household. It is so lovely.

I am so sorry to hear about Jon's truck. That is so frustrating!!

Hope that your week is better!


Wendy said...

Hi Tina,

I'm so sorry to hear that Vaeh is sick! I pray that it doesn't turn into anything too sounds like her supermom is on top of things as usual!!! :)

And I can't believe that about Jon's truck! How terrible!!! You never know, don't lose hope that they won't find the sister had someone break into her house and the cops found the stuff hidden in the woods!

I was looking at the girls pictures from school. They are both so adorable, Tina! I'm happy to hear that they're enjoying it, too! That always makes us mommies feel a little better. :)

Take care and give those precious girls a hug from us. Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday to Miss Vaeh!!! Where does the time go??

Lots of Love,
Wendy (& Emma, too!)

Vanessa said...

Oh no...I hope Vaeh is feeling better by now.

How horrible about Jon's truck. :( I can't stand people who steal. I'm so sorry.