Friday, August 21, 2009

Prayers for Mr. Logan:0)

Our little heart friend, Logan just had surgery yesterday & is doing fairly well. According to his blog, he's off the ventilator & into the recovery phase. He could use any extra prayers you could pass along their way.

As for us, just the normal things going on around here. Jon is on vacation next week, so we get to have him around for a whole week! The girls & I can't wait!! Miss Gabby had her kindergarten testing & has orientation the first week in September. So in a couple of weeks, it will just be me & Vaeh here during the day! I'm excited & at the same time dreading it:0/
Miss Vaeh also has her follow up date with Dr. Butto. I'll be sure to let everyone know how things go:0) Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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Lee Family said...

Tina Thanks so much for posting Logan we need all of the prayers we can get.

You are such a sweet person. Thanks you again. We love you