Monday, August 10, 2009

Littlest Hero's Project... part 2

Okay, I couldn't figure out how to copy any of the other photos that our photographer Amanda sent to me today:0( So instead, I'm posting the link for all of the photos that she's sending me on a disc so that I can print as many as I want! How great is that?!?! Here's the link...

Okay, & just so y'all know... you're getting to see these photos before Daddy does!! Since he's out on the road & without access to a computer, he has to wait until he gets home:0( He knows that I've gotten the link & that the CD is on the way, so he's quite anxious!

Hope you all enjoy them as much as I did! Let me know which is your favorite & I'll share mine later!


Lee Family said...

OOHH I love them all, they are all my favorite. There are so many good pictures it is hard to pick out just one. They did a really good job. It is so great they you have all of these great photos to cherish and look back on for when they get older.

Tina:0) said...

I love them all, too!

But I have to say that the one of the girls hand-in-hand with Daddy is my favorite!!

Jake & Stephanie Ellinger said...

The one with Dad and the girls is my favorite too! They all look so good!

mina said...

They all turned out great! I love the family pics, and the girls look soooo cute!

The Portas said...

AMAZING photos!! They turned out great! I love the ones of the four of you walking hand in hand. Ssoooo sweet. Thanks for sharing and for putting a smile on my face! xo

Kathy said...

They all look great!
I love the clothes...the setting....and those too cute girls!!

My fav is that one of Vaeh in front of that statue thingy...but, with her hands on her face!
and Gabby looks like she just adores her little sister in all of them.'re going to have a LOT of frames to buy!

Wendy said...


The photos are beautiful, but of course they are, just look at those adorable girls!!! I love the black-and-white ones with the girls hugging each other on the steps, and the one of your husband walking with the girls made me cry...then I just cried through the rest of them, I'm a mess lately! :) I see Vaeh in those pictures, smiling and happy, and I think of all that she's been through...what an absolute miracle! God is so good to us.

I hope that Vaeh is chosen for the calendar, that would be so cool!

Give those sweet girls a big hug from us. And tell them that I think they look like movie stars!

Lots of Love,

Wendy (& Emma, too!)

Vanessa said...

I am finally checking in on everyone and WOW what amazing pictures. How can I pick a favorite when I love them all. Okay but honestly I love the ones of the girls hugging and especially the one of Gabby holding Vaeh's head...brought a tear to my eye. Great job!