Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring is in the air & a quilt square

Its been soooo nice outside the past few days... & the girls have been loving it!! We had gotten a swing for Vaeh so that she could play on the swingset, & Jon got it put up this weekend. So needless to say, we've heard 'wing' (translation = swing) a lot the past couple of days. Then yesterday we had the bicycles, or as Vaeh says 'bikle' out & they were both soooo adorable I couldn't stop smiling!

Look Mama, I'm flying!!

On the slide for the first time - wheee!

Mom, that's enough - okay, maybe not:0)


I love seeing them outside, playing together, in such a "normal" way!! I know Gabby loves being outside, but now I think that we've created a monster:0) Vaeh is going to be just like Gabby in that we're going to spend a lot of time out doors this summer!

As for the quilt square... I got an email today that said that Vaeh's quilt square was done. There was a picture of it attached to the email...

I had found the CHD Quilt Project & requested a square be made for Vaeh, but I had forgotten about it. I can't even remember when I requested it, but today I got the email with the picture of it:0) It is a quilt square that will be put together in a quilt with 41 other squares that were made in honor of other CHD survivors from all over the world! If I remember correctly, they'll be sending me a picture of the finished quilt - I can't wait to see it!

Hope everyone else is doing well & hopefully this nice weather is working its way towards becoming a staple! I ready to get outside & work in my flowerbeds!

**PS - hope the pictures give you a fix, Kathy!! :0)


The Portas said...

The quilt square is beautiful! What an awesome thing..

Looks like the girls are in total heaven outside. The looks on their happy faces describes how I feel about this warmer weather, too. BYE BYE winter! Glad you are all enjoying it!

Have a great week..xxoox

Christine said...

Lovely spring pictures!

mina said...

What fun to be outdoors. It WILL be great when the warmer weather sticks for a while.

The quilt square is lovely. It will be nice to see a picture of the finished product.

Kathy said...

THank you for the pics...
can you even imagine how wonderful your summer is going to be...NO TUBES! HOLY COW...what will you do with yourself. The girls are going to be in Heaven!

I need do request Isaac's square....do you think they make Yo Gabba Gabba fabric yet?? I'll need to check into that one!

Lee Family said...

The quilt is really pretty.
I love the pictures looks like they had a really good time outside.
Hope you all have a good week.

Vanessa said...

Love the pictures! It's great to see the girls playing together. :)

jencooper said...

Look at these cuties! They look like they are having a blast!

Our computer is back up and running. I should be back in the swing of things now!


Pam said...

We have a quilt block for Rhett too. His has cookie monster on it...go figure eh? I'll have to find a picture of it and post it.

Thanks for reminding me.

Sendning lots of hugs!!