Thursday, March 12, 2009

Praying for Miss Grace

***Update: Miss Grace is out of surgery & extubated!! She's having some trouble with her labs so they are giving her some blood, but overall she is doing great!!

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Isn't this face just tooo adorable?! This is our heart friend, Miss Grace. Since embarking on this journey through the world of CHD's, we've become friends with Miss Grace & her family. Today, they all could use your prayers. Miss Grace is currently in the OR at Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis for open heart surgery.

Its an all to familiar place for us, as well as a lot of our "family" that we've gained through this CHD world. And if there's only one thing that we've learned its that you can never have enough prayers!

So, if you'd like, just pop over HERE & let Miss Grace, her Mom & Dad, & the rest of her awesome family know that you're praying for them! At last update from Amber (Miss Grace's Mommy) they had gotten all of her lines in & were about to go on bypass, but that was earlier this morning. I'm sure things are going well & as soon as she can they're be an update, but lets just keep them covered in prayer!!

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Dori and Addisyn said...

Hi, guys! Just checking in. We are praying for Grace and hoping everything went well with her surgery. We will check back soon for an update. Take care.

Heart Hugs From,
Dori and Addisyn