Friday, February 13, 2009

Back to work!

I'm getting sooo excited about going back to work:0) I start tomorrow... yep, Valentines day. And yes, I'm going back on Valentine's day & on a Saturday voluntarily.

Okay, so its only for one day. And you probably wouldn't consider it working, but more like slave labor. I'm going to help out at my Mom & her sister's shop. Its a florist & wedding decorating shop. So as you can imagine, tomorrow will be very BUSY!! They've actually been busy all week - which is a good thing for any business owner in this economy!! I'm just excited to be getting out of the house to interact with other adults without having my girls along for the adventure.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being a stay at home Mom. But sometimes for sanity's sake, you just need to interact with other adults without children around! It will be nice to have some Mommy time - and let Daddy & the girls have some Daddy -daughter time together!

On another note... we finally were able to get the revatio filled & start Miss V on it. Its crazy how many people it takes to get something accomplished. When the whole denial thing happened Monday afternoon, the clinic in Lima said that Dr. Butto's office in Toledo was working on getting the pre-cert done & that I should call them to check on Tuesday. So, I called Tuesday afternoon (because the gal in Lima said it shouldn't take more than a day...) & had to leave a voice mail. No biggie. She did call back on Wednesday while I was taking Gabby to preschool. Luckily Jon was home. She told Jon that she would be working on it on Wednesday & let us know when she got the approval. Well, yesterday morning she called again - and talked to Jon again, & said "well I'm going to work on this today so we can get you a refill." Jon explained that we weren't waiting on a refill but the initial auth to get her started on the meds!!! Well I think the light bulb finally turned on. So yesterday afternoon, the Lima clinic called & she had gotten it approved for a year!

I must say that since there's been a change in Dr. Butto's nurse(s) I've wished his original gal, Patti, would come back!! There are two gals now doing the work that Patti used to do & still not doing as good of a job as she did - ugh!!! Oh, well, we've got her meds & started them.

Well, hopefully everyone has a good weekend:0)


The Portas said...

Getting away for mommy-time is a necessity! I'm so glad you get tomorrow away. Have a fun time at the shop! You'll smell so pretty when you come back home. :)

GOOD! Prescription approved and filled. It's amazing the process you had to go through to get there, but at least it's done!

Enjoy your weekend...xoxoxox

mina said...

Have fun working, I'm sure it will be busy.

Good to know about the meds being approved, finally!

Lee Family said...

Getting away is always a plus, I know you will enjoy yourself, how fun. I am jelious.


Wendy said...

Just stopping by to wish you all a Happy Heart Day! Have fun at work, Tina!!!

Lots of Love & Heart Hugs,

Wendy (& Emma, too!)

Tara Stuttler & family said...

Stopping by to say hello. We saw you and the girls on the Lima news :)
Glad to see things are going well. Your girls are beautiful! Have a Happy Heart Day!!!

Kathy said...

Happy heart day.

hope work was good...
as good as work can be.

ASHLEY said...