Wednesday, February 11, 2009


He's home! A repeat scan the following day showed absolutely nothing!!! After the past 2.5 months, no one can tell me that prayer doesn't work!! Thanks to all of you:0)

Just to give a quick update on Dylan... they are now saying that it is NOT a bleed, but just a concussion. So, there's some questions to be answered, but basically Dylan is doing well. They're going to keep him overnight just to keep an eye on him, but things are looking good! Thanks for the prayers:0)

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Hi, everyone:0) I know that this blog is about Vaeh & her journey through the world of CHD, but I knew I could come to our blog family for this.

Jon & I's nephew, Dylan, is in the hospital right now & we need all the prayers we can get! He is 11, & we all know how rowdy 11 year old boys can be:0) From what I understand, he was at a friend's house this weekend goofing around & bumped his head. His Mom took him to the doc's on Monday & they wanted to get a scan of his head, which he had done yesterday (not sure if MRI or CT). So, the doc's office called Chad (his Dad) & told him that "he has a bleed. He's allowed to go to school, but shouldn't be rough-housing, etc." So the plan from there was that Mandy (Mom) was going to call the doc today & get some answers.

Earlier today the school called Chad & to make a long story short, they are now in the ER with Dylan being evaluated. I'm not sure of the details (ie: what type of bleed, how bad, etc.) but we all know the power of prayer. So if you all wouldn't mind keeping Dylan & the family lifted up in prayer, we'd all greatly appreciate it! Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers for our family no matter what the need!


mina said...


Will definitely be keeping Dylan and his family in our thoughts!

The Portas said...

Yikes! Those rowdy boys. I'll pray that it is nothing serious...xoox