Friday, February 20, 2009

Catching up...

Somehow I seem to have gotten behind on everything! I don't know how it happened, but I've been missing a lot in blog land! So, I apologize for not commenting, but I promise that I'm reading:0)

We were finally able to get Vaeh started on the revatio, thank heaven! I just hope that its doing its job. She really seems to be more tired since starting it. Another 'behind' moment for me... I need to google the side effects from revatio because the pharmacy gave me nothing!! She's still fighting the stuffy nose, & even ran a fever (low-grade) a day or two, but seems to be rounding the corner with this cold/infection or whatever it is.
** Here's a question for all my heart momma friends... do your little one's seem to get a bit cyanotic/bluish looking with a cold, even after a repair? Vaeh's had a couple of times where her nail beds have been off color, & her lips have even looked a little funny. (I should have kept ahold of that pulse ox monitor!) But at the same time she has these episodes of looking funny, her hands are also VERY cold!!! This is really hard to get used to since she was always such a hot box before her repair. The other day the speech therapist was here, & her lips were nearly purple. Although this could have been due to her having on a purple shirt! (LoL)

Since I mentioned her therapy, I should give you all an update on that as they were all back in this week. This is the first time since the end of November that we've been able to connect with them because of 'this & that' (all the surgeries & hospital stuff). The speech therapist was very pleased with how well her vocabulary is growing. There was a couple of things she suggested, to kind of help her begin to make longer phrases & sentences, as well as getting the plural down pat. So, basically she's caught up for the most part with speech.

Then on Thursday, PT & OT were here together. They always come & do a 'co-treat' where they work together, & this particular session was the most I've seen them do with her! (Yes, we dearly miss our original therapists). She was able to stack blocks, although she was more interested in knocking them down. She could also put the circle, square & triangle back in the puzzle. Then they gave her a pencil & she was able to draw a circle, line & tried to make an "X" as best she could. So, having done all that, she comes out at 30 months. Let's just say that I giggled, because she's only 29 months old!! HA!!! She's finally ahead of the curve! I never thought I'd see that happen:0)

When PT worked with her, she showed off how she could get up & down off the couch, which for me was quite impressive. She also went up & down off a step with a little help. While she was working with OT, she got down into a tall kneel - another check off the list! For PT she tested out around 19 months, which is great:0) Just 6 months ago when the did the official recheck, she was only about 11 months, so she's gaining quite a bit! The PT did say that what's basically holding her back from testing out at a higher level is that she's not quite running yet (15 months) & she's not jumping, which the therapist seemed to feel that those things were required a little early on the list.

In addition to all of the hubbub with Vaeh, poor Gabby has had 4 deaths - Bonnie & Clyde #1 & #2. We got her a small 5 gallon fish tank for her birthday & we've been through 4 FISH!!! Who knew goldfish could be so hard to keep alive!! We're in the process of trying again... I'll let you know how we fair with the next set! We've all got fingers, toes, & everything possible crossed!!

Hopefully everyone is doing well & staying healthy! Oh, & if you get a chance... stop over & say Happy 2nd Birthday to Elijah! Hope everyone has a good weekend!


Jake & Stephanie Ellinger said...

Nathan got sick with a cold and started turning the bluish color again. I have always wondered that myself.

Good for her to be ahead of the game! She is a fighter isn't she?

mina said...

Hmm Tina, i was thinking it's been pretty quiet on your end. I hope Vaeh gets over this cold soon. I don't know about the cold hands and purplish lips, but I've gotta tell you there are certain colors I still don't dress Bilal in because it reminds me about how he looked before repair. Maybe purple just isn't her color!

Yay about all the progress with PT/OT/ST! You have a smart little one on your hands. Who can blame her for wanting to take some time with things, after all she's been through?

Hamza just lost his betta fish, Blaze, we are thinking of replacing it too. Fish are just too delicate! FYI, betta fish are generally easier to keep alive than goldfish, but you can only keep one to a tank because they fight.

Kathy said...

i'm just glad that you're alive and are well, aren't you?

i love reading nothing but happy news!!!

The Portas said...

Aaawwww, thanks for the bday wishes for Elijah!

Wow, Vaeh is doing amazing! All that wonderful progress...YAY!! I'm glad the evaluators never tell us what level Elijah is at for things because I think it would just depress me. For Vaeh though, how wonderful to hear it!!

As for the blueness post-repair.. I've never seen any trace of it on Elijah. Of course, every kid has different anatomy so what doesn't happen to one kid may happen to another. Hopefully her card can ease your mind. I always just hated blueness!

Take care, you busy lady. Have a great week..xoxox

Vanessa said...

What a great report!!! We did the same little tests with our OT this week. Arianna can draw the lines and circles but that it. We were 1 month ahead so that was nice too! Our girls are so smart.

I wouldn't know how to keep goldfish alive...we buy minnow as food for our turtle. LOL! Except we always have 2-3 survivors. LOL!