Sunday, January 4, 2009

Finally, something fun!

It seems as though all we've been posting about on here is surgeries, complications, upcoming tests, etc. Well its finally time for something lighthearted & Vaeh related. She's really been taking off as far as her speech, & her personality is just flourishing. So, today Jon was finally able to capture this new thing she's been doing, & its just so darn cute I had to share it.

So, here she is... the NEXT American Idol!
(**Be sure to scroll to the bottom & pause the music so you can hear the songbird!)

Hope you're all enjoying the new year!


April said...

Vaeh is just too darn cute & I must say Simon Cowell has nothing on her She's definitely your cute little star.

I Love You Bunches Vaeh!

jencooper said...

TOO CUTE!!! I love it!! She is adorable.

Thanks for sharing!!


Vanessa said...

That was the cutest thing ever! Ari and Vaeh can start their own band with their guitars. :)

Amber said...

She definitely gets MY vote!!!
That is too cute! She is so full of life...what an amazing girl she is. :0)

The Portas said...

She is precious! That is the cutest video... Sweet girl, I'd like to give her some hugs.. xoxo

Blessed Family said...

Really cute! I hope all goes well with her next angio. Hope you had a Happy New Year. Take care, Heidi

Mami Adame said...

Wow Tina, I'm just catching up on everyone's've been busy! I am so glad you are ok! Take care my friend!

Kathy said...

soo darn cute!
Now...what were the words to that song?? Did she make it up or was she trying to sing something specific??

I can't wait to hear Isaac's first word...I can't even imagine what his little voice will sound like!

maybe I should get him a guitar!

Glad you have happy times there!!!
stay warm!


Lee Family said...

To Cute, I love the video.