Friday, January 2, 2009

Back in the saddle... again!

I'm finally home, again (lol)! It took all day to get my lovenox approved, but finally this afternoon they were able to give me the meds so that I could leave. One of our family friends came up to visit with me today, & then offered to bring me home - Thanks Bill!

So around 5 this afternoon I got home, & had to give myself a shot! As Jon said, the CT scan was negative (thank GOD!) so the ER doc wanted to do a doppler (ultrasound) of my leg just in case. Good thing he was being so cautious. So, with that they found the clot in my left calf. Once I was admitted (after all the craziness - ugh!) the doc said that thankfully it wasn't a DVT or deep vein clot, but just a superficial clot. Basically it meant that I still needed the blood thinners, but the clot is in a spot that can't travel anywhere... again, thank GOD!!

I'm now taking coumadin along with the lovenox injections, & have to have my INR checked on Monday. Then they'll adjust my coumadin from there. Like Jon said in his post, if it isn't one thing its another! They also said that the clot is most likely from the hysterectomy. So, now we just have to get past this & then we get to get Vaeh past her cath!

Thank you all sooooo much for your thoughts, prayers & support! We couldn't make it through without all of you!


Vanessa said...

OMG...I don't check on you for 2 days and you go into the hospital.

I'm just so happy your home. My mom had a blood clot in her leg about 5 years ago and went through the shots and blood thinners. I know the shots aren't any fun.

Oh my goodness...I can just SO glad you are okay. You have me freaking out over here. You know I love you girlfriend!

Kathy said...

Send Jon out to get you a new pair of running shoes...and him a pair guys are going to need them!

Glad you're home and got your drugs!

Dori Scott said...

Wow! You have been through so much! When it rains it really does pour! I feel that way too at times, but somehow we get through it just like you said.....with wonderful family and friends! I will pray that you continue to heal and that nothing else comes up. I will also be keeping Ms. Vaeh in my thoughts and prayers as she quickly approaches her cath day. I just know she will do great! Always in our thoughts and prayers!

Dori and Addisyn Scott

*BTW, I love your music choices...some bring tears to my eyes just listening to them!

The Portas said...

Thank GOD for many things! I'm so glad to hear some good news through all of this, even though I know it hasn't been fun for any of you. What a way to start the year...all of this commotion for you and your family. Saying lots of big prayers. For ALL of you! Take care of each other! oxoxox