Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Odds & Ends

Just a couple of thoughts tonight:0) Boy did that sound profound or 'corney'? (lol) Vaeh is getting better, although this cough is just hanging on:0( It sounds so horrible, but yet otherwise she's fine. Her sats have been great (at a half liter) since Sunday evening, & is running around the house like an 'almost-normal' 2 year old. I did call her cardiologist's office & decided to reschedule her CT scan. Its now the second week in January (14th). Between her funny sounding lungs & this icky weather we're having, I didn't want to drive an hour and a half north into this stuff!

Speaking of the weather... if its going to be this cold the least it could do is SNOW! I don't mind winter when there's snow on the ground. I get to snuggle up in my blanket with my girls! But this icey stuff we're getting is for the birds! (Thanks for sending it my way Amber & Krista - lol)We have a winter weather advisory out until morning & they're talking about another system behind it. As long as its snow & there's a white Christmas I can put up with it:0)

The other thing is my nerves. I only have one more day & then its my turn to go to the hospital - ugh! Im ready to get this thing over with & not have the pain, BUT I'm scared to death about the surgery itself. There's this spirit of fear that seems to be enveloping me... So if you all wouldn't mind, please say a little prayer that things go well!

Hope everyone is warm & healthy!


Amber said...

You know I'm praying girl! :0)

As for the snow...you can have it. I'll pack all of mine up and send it your way. :0)

Hang in there friend....

The Portas said...

Our snow won't STOP! Here, I'll gladly send some your way. My commutes home after work have been just wretched. Ten miles in one hour!

I know you must feel scared about your upcoming surgery, but keep the big picture in mind. You KNOW deep down, that everything will be fine. Focus on that. You WILL be fine. Before you know it, it will be behind you. I will be praying hard for you!!

Have a great day! oxoxox

Kathy said...

I'll be praying for you too!
Good luck today...it'll be a nice...relaxing...break (maybe).
At least you'll have a nurse to wait on you for at least one day!

update us when you can!

mina said...

Praying, praying..... everything will be fine. But you the thought of surgery does get you nervous! I hope Vaeh's cough gets better. It's good to reschedule and make sure she's all the way better. Now put her in a bubble!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear Vaeh is on the mend! Good luck on your surgery, we will be saying lots of prayers!
The Budde Family

jencooper said...

Sorry for not commenting lately - actually got the computer home from work today. Hopefully ours will be coming in the mail very soon!!

Good luck with your surgery! It is going to be fine and you are going to feel so much better!! Hang in there!

The kids looked absolutely adorable with all of their icing goodness! How fun!!


Lee Family said...

We are all praying for you here, Please update us when you get the chance good luck in Surgery. Mine is next month oh yeah for me.

All our love Karen

Kathy said...

Thinking of you today!
I was sure that you would have brought a laptop to the hospital and tried typing while under the influence!