Monday, December 15, 2008

Pictures... finally!

What a silly group!

Gabby hard at work!

Are you sure this is how you're supposed to do it?

This is how you should be doing it!


All the kids had such a good time icing the cookies last week! With everything going on around here, its taken me a couple of days to get some of the evience posted on here! Vaeh was just as "normal" as could be - licking the icing off the knife. So, we gave her her own knife (yes - I was right next to her the whole time:0)) & she had a blast!

I had such a good time doing this with the girls. It really felt 'normal' for a change & because of that I didn't care how big a mess they made:0) My cousins were over & always have a good time with the girls. The boys were having too much fun, though. They had icing all over their hands & faces! Take a look at these two!

What a couple of crazy kids!

"Joshy, the red-nosed 3rd grader!"

And just so you know, I DID send those boys home all sugared up! I'm sure that their Momma is ready to repay the favor to me!


mina said...

Too much fun! I hope Vaeh is feeling better now.

ASHLEY said...


Jake & Stephanie Ellinger said...

That looks like fun. Can I tell you how much I like seeing Veah eat? It gives me a lot of encouragement. I would love the IV bandages. Nathan's g-tube leaks quite a bit and the docs aren't sure why. Email me at and we'll work out the logistics.


The Portas said...

The blue faces are so funny! Vaeh REALLY looks like a toddler now. She looks so grown up!

How much fun for the kids to be able to play and bake and have fun..xoxo

Mami Adame said...

Wow! Looks like good healthy fun!