Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm it - twice!

So, once again in blogger land, I've been tagged by another heart momma for two different tags! They seem kinda fun, so I'm going to pass it along! Hollie got me with this one.

Tag #1: A photo tag. You're supposed to pick your 4th file, then pick the 4th photo. So here goes...

I cannot believe that this was my Gabby girl about 4 years ago! Wasn't she absolutely adorable?! And you all thought Vaeh had a head of hair!! She'd had several hair cuts by the time this picture was taken (at least 2!)

Tag #2 : Again, Hollie got me with this one! What a busy woman she is!

Now for the 7 random/weird facts about me! (okay, everything about me is weird! - lol) 1.) I've lived in the same small town in Ohio all but 11 months of my life. Yes, boring I know!

2.) I was a licensed physical therapist assistant for 10 years before Vaeh was born. I still hold my license, but not sure about renewing it...

3.) I dyed my hair red for about 7 years - any shade of red you can imagine, I was probably it at one time (even matched Ronald McDonald for a while!)

4.) Jon & I had our first date, became engaged & were married inside of 7 months!

5.) I played the saxophone (alto & tenor) for 8 years in the school band (from 5th grade through high school)

6.) I've "broken" my upper palate - I wore a palate expander for 3 months to widen my upper jaw. Terribly uncomfortable & makes you talk funny!

7.) I share my birthday with my two younger cousins, sister-in-law, Sylvester Stallone & Pres. G. W. Bush!

Now, its my turn to 'share the wealth'! Here are the people I'm tagging: Carley, Vanessa, Megan, Amber, Karen, Krista & Ana. Hope everyone has fun learning more about each other & maybe yourself in the process!


Staci said...

Dear Walp Family,
My aunt had found your blog on someone else's page and forwarded it to me. I have twin girls 16 months old and Averi was born with TOF, Pulmonary atresia, ASD and VSD. I was also reading some of the similarities with our stories and also I am a licensed PTA that does home health in MO. Wierd! I just wanted to tell you, you have a beautiful family and thanks for sharing your blog with us!! It helps to know there are people who share the same experiences (although one experience I wish no one shared) But I plan to follow your blog and againamazing family!
Staci Budde

The Portas said...

Thanks for sharing about yourself! Ouch, how did you break your palette? That sounds painful.

I'm hoping to find time to re-post this...thanks for the tag.

I hope you guys are having a good weekend! oxoxoxox

Vanessa said...

Arianna is not on lasix and it's been about 8 months since she was discontinued from it. I mentioned it to her cardiologist at our last appointment but he didn't say anything, just gave me a puzzled look. I'll see what she looks like tomorrow and if she's still puffy I'll call her pedi.

And yes, sometimes I do have some extra time on my hands. I thought the blog could use a new look for awhile. :)