Thursday, October 16, 2008

Momma's Turn!

Okay, so I'd say about 97% of the blogs I follow are about kids that have heart conditions, & the others are because of health related conditions. So usually posts referring to surgery are about our kids. Well my friends, not this time. Yep, its Momma's turn tomorrow. I'm going in for an outpatient laparoscopy.

I've been having pain in the left lower abdomen off & on since shortly after Vaeh was born, & in the past year it has gotten considerably worse. A couple of weeks ago I had a trip to the ER for right sided pain, which was unrelated & quite coincidental! After trying the most recent treatment that didn't work at all, my doctor thought that we should do the lap procedure to actually see what's going on in there & figure out the problem. From what I understand from the surgeon, if they find anything they will go ahead & take care of it while I'm there.

So, tomorrow at 12:45 its MY turn in the OR. I have to be there at 11:45 for the pre-op stuff (IV,etc.). I'm extremely nervous about it - afraid is a better way of describing what I'm feeling. I've been having bad thoughts about not coming home, etc., but we won't re-live those:0)! I know that everything will be fine & I'll be home & in 'la-la' land tomorrow evening (hopefully they give me some really good drugs!).

So, I would greatly appreciate your prayers tomorrow & I'll update as soon as I'm coherent enough! (lol)

And while we're sending prayers up, please keep Gracie in your prayers today. She's had some fluid collecting around her heart & it has worsened quite rapidly. She is on her way to the hospital tonight (Thursday) for a procedure to drain the fluid tomorrow because it is increasing. Please keep her, her family & the doctors/ nurses in your prayers!

I'll be chatting with you soon...


Lee Family said...

HI Tina, everything will be fine. Try and stay calm. My prayers are with you and please update as soon as you can. I will be checking in on you. Love ya Karen

jencooper said...

We are saying lots and lots of prayers for you! I know that things will be fine. Update us when you get a chance.

And....enjoy some sleep! :)


Krista said...

tina...we'll definitely be thinking of you tomorrow...hopefully the docs will figure out easily and quickly what's causing you so much pain!

I'm sure you'll do have some pretty strong role models!

Sending hugs

Kathy said...

Oh Tina...
I know that you'll be brave!
I will put you in my prayers tonight...but, you'll do great.

Hope they give you the great drugs!
Keep us posted!


Mina said...


I'll be praying that they can figure out what's causing the pain. Hoping all goes well!

The Portas said...

It's Mama's turn?! Oh, I'm so sorry about this nuisance. I will keep you close in my prayers today. I know that when I have had scares in the past, the fear is the worst part of it. Think about the good things, like how nice those yummy drugs will feel! :) You will be just will be good for you to get some answers/solutions to your pain.

Sending many prayers!!ooxox

Amber said...

Tina...I so get this, I had a similar procedure last's terrifying when it's you! Thank you for mentioning Gracie...she opened one of your gifts tonight..she's not feeling so hot. :0( Hope you have a speedy recovery...Vicodin is your friend! :0)

April said...

Tina: You know for a fact that I'll definitely be thinkiing about you like I always do along with the rest of the family whom I love a whole bunch. I think I told you about my experience with being sick since February then I didn't get diagnosed until September & ended up finding out it was Hiatal Hernia that I had. Like everyone else has said you'll be fine. You'll always be in my thoughts & prayers! Love Ya & Miss Ya!