Thursday, October 9, 2008

Keep these cuties in your prayers!

Just a quick note to ask everyone to keep a couple of our heart friends & their families in your prayers. First off, our little friend Gracie had her heart cath on Wednesday, & is having some not so fun times:0( They have finally figured out why she was having some difficulties after her procedure (thanks to her wonderful Momma!)& hopefully she is on the way back to being her happy little self.

The other friend is Kaitlyn. She had another open heart a couple of weeks back & was doing great, just turning one last weekend! Early this week, her Mommy noticed a red spot on her incision which earned her another stay at the lovely hospital. Latest report is the blood cultures came back negative & she should be going home soon!

Please keep these two cutie pies, & all our other little heart friends inyour prayers. I'm sure they appreciate them as much as we do - prayer changes things!

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Mami Adame said...

We'll definitely be praying!