Thursday, June 26, 2008

From then to now!

Its hard to believe watching Vaeh scoot all over the house & playing that just six weeks ago today, Vaeh had her 3rd open heart! She is doing so well & making progress each & every day! The therapists (physical & speech) were both here today, & the PT was quite suprised at how well she is starting to cruise around the furniture! She walked (while holding onto my hands, mind you!) about 5 ft. without much support at all! She was also sitting herself up from sidelying without help! She was even able to "army crawl" about 5 ft. - which is like a mile for her! I just find myself staring at her in disbelief that she's come so far in such a short time!

In Ann Arbor right after surgery, 6 weeks ago today.

Six weeks later... look at me now!

I get a big smile on my face just thinking about where she'll be 6 years from now! UGH, I think I'll stop that for now!

On a lighter note, our little heart friend Elaina is improving each day. They were able to get her chest incision closed over the weekend, & are now working to get her off the vent. The next step is home! Elaina & her family have been through quite an ordeal over the past few weeks, so please continue to keep them lifted up in prayer! We all know that prayer really does help!


Mina said...

Love to see how much progress Nevaeh has made. She looks great!

The Portas said...

Look at that happy girl! You've all come a long way....way to go on getting this far! Give that scooching girl a smooch for me.


Vanessa said...

The pictures speak for themself. I'm so proud of you Vaeh! What great news to hear how well she is moving around. Watch out world...Vaeh is coming!!!