Sunday, June 22, 2008

Speaking Vaeh!

She's certainly no "Gabby" (boy, did we name her right - lol!), but Miss V is really starting to develope her vocabulary. If you "speak Vaeh" you can really catch on to what she's saying. And believe it or not, can almost interpret her different screeches! But here lately she's really been getting some understandable words out, even to the 'untrained ear'.

She's been saying 'mom' (mah) & 'dad' (dada) for quite some time. Here lately she's been making some more formed words. "Mawmaw" came out clear as a bell about two weeks ago & has been saying that one every time anyone in the house mentions my Mom, or especially if she walks in the door - "Mawmaw!" Yesterday we got back from a parade celebrating our city's 175th anniversary. Jon & his Dad were working on putting in our new screen door & Miss V said "Pawpaw." Plane as day, & when Jon asked her if she had seen her Pawpaw, she shook her head yes!

Her other big new word is "Sassa" meaning Sasha, our family cat! As much of a sour puss that the cat can be, she has really taken to Vaeh & actually tolerates her pretty well. Of course 'yeah, no, hi & byebye' have been coming out for a while too! I don't know... the rate she's going, we'll have to call her Gabby, Jr.


Colin's Blog said...

Glad to hear everyone is feeling better.

That is so great that Vaeh says all of those words. Colin has regressed in his babbling ever since surgery. Keep up the good work Vaeh!!

Melanie & Colin

Kathy said...


I can't wait for Isaac to start talking...oh, it seems like it's taking FOREVER!!!

Maybe it's a girl thing!!!

The Portas said...

YAY!! This is many things coming out at once. Before you know it she'll be blabbing away. So much fun!


Vanessa said...

First of all I LOVE your new blog design!

I'm so excited to hear Vaeh is vocalizing more. I still wish Arianna could talk more but it's all in Arianna's time.

I have a request...can you PLEASE post another video of Vaeh. I need a fix! :)