Sunday, May 11, 2008


Just wanted to say to all you mommies out there - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Especially to the best Mom in the world, so Happy Mother's Day, Mommy! This is a poem I received as an email & wanted to share it with all mommies!

Mommy I Love You

Mommy, I love you
For all that you do.
I'll kiss you and hug you
'Cause you love me, too.
You feed me and need me
To teach you to play,
So smile 'cause I love you
On this Mother's Day.



Kathy said...

Happy mother's day!!!

No counting down today...just loving on those babies!!!


Vanessa said...

Happy Mothers Day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Mothers Day-

To a Mom who is a wonder!!
And a Dad who is silly.

Love All Of You,
Grandpa Walp and Kathy

Erica said...

We are very excited that Vaeh is doing so well. God is faithful! We cannot wait to see her when she gets home. We love you Vaeh!

Love, David, Erica, Roman and soon baby Emma