Friday, May 9, 2008

Enjoing life one day at a time!

Well, I'm finally over the frustration of being rescheduled. Besides what can I do about it now?! Another baby needed that time more so than Vaeh did, and God must not have been ready for her to go into surgery on that day - all in His timing! So, instead I've been enjoying a few more days at home with my girls. Vaeh is doing so well. Her sats continue to be in the low 90's fairly consistently! She fluctuates between mid to high 80's to low 90's. Last night when I first turned her monitor on, I was in complete disbelief! The display said 100%! It didn't stay there long, but it was amazing that it even said it at all! It didn't drop right away, either. I know that there is no way that she was at 100%, but it was just so neat to see! I can't wait until after her repair & that is a true number!

Gabby is still the same energetic 4 year old! She's enjoying preschool & wants to go every day. She is also looking forward to staying with her cousin Caleb while we're in Ann Arbor. Every day she asks if its the day she gets to spend the night with Caleb?! My cousin & his wife are going to keep her while we're gone. This way she'll have someone to play with. Today at preschool, it was pirates day! When I got there to pick her up, she had wiskers! The teacher had painted wiskers on their faces and they all had pirate hats, a treasure map & looking scope they had made. They were all saying "argh, matey!" How adorable!

We are again in countdown mode, with now 6 days until surgery. I haven't heard anything from the surgery dept. to know what time we have to be in Ann Arbor on Wednesday, but I'm hoping to hear from them today. If not, I'll call them Monday morning. Hopefully it won't be at the crack of dawn that we have to have her there, because its hard enough getting myself ready to go, let alone getting Daddy ready! He's not much of a morning person, so its kind of difficult to get him moving sometimes! Its hard for me to not get upset with him at times about that, as I tend to be more of a get up and go type! We sort of clash at times for some reason! LOL

The girls had some Mawmaw time last night! They love both of their Grandma's (my Mom is 'Mawmaw' & Jon's Mom is Grandma), but last night it was Mawmaw time! Gabby instantly goes for the books almost as soon as Mom comes in the door! We had supper, & Mom hung around as usual for a while to spend some time with the girls & unwind. She is the office manager for the company she works for (she's been there for 35 years!) & also runs a wedding decorating/ rental full florist business with her two sisters. They just took over a local florist & bought out a couple that were ready to retire. So, needless to say my Mom's a busy woman between two full time jobs & helping me out with the girls! So once we were finished with supper, Gabby starts in with the books. Of course she has to sit on Mawmaw's lap, & as soon as Vaeh sees big sis on Mawmaw's lap she starts reaching up wanting on Mom's lap, too! Its so cute to see the jealousy factor between the two! What one has, the other wants! So, Mawmaw read a book or two & then headed for home. This weekend will be a busy one for them, with the florist end of things! Every mom loves flowers!

Also wanted to update really quick on our little friend, Champ. She had her permanent pacemaker put in earlier this week. While it wasn't the outcome her family was praying for, it seems it was in her best interest at this point. So far she is doing well, and is out of the ICU & on a step down type unit. They are now trying to regulate her heparin/ coumadin level, & then she'll be able to go home! All of our other little heart friends seem to be doing well at this point. Do keep little Arianna & her mom Vanessa in your prayers. They've been trying to figure out some issues with her lungs & they seem to be getting the run around from the pulmonologist. They are going for a second opinion soon. In addition to the lung issues, they are also playing the run around game with some of her labwork & the immunologist. From reading her blog, Vanessa is quite upset at the lack of attention paid to her daughter & lack of concern with getting any answers in a resonable timeframe! Please keep them, & all of our heart buddies in your prayers! Life with a child with a CHD can be overwhelming at times, but always worth every minute! We've all been blessed with wonderful kids! To all you mommies out there, whether you're a CHD mom or not, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!


Vanessa said...

Looks like the girls are having a wonderful time with Mawma! It's so good to see all the smiles. Thanks for asking for prayers. We can use all we can get.



Mina said...

I'm so jealous! Our parents live oceans away, and we don't get to see them more than every 3 years! I'll be praying for Nevaeh next week.