Saturday, May 17, 2008

Another day under the belt

Dr. Bove - the man that God used to 'fix' my heart! What a wonderful gentleman & instrument of God!

Let's Go Blue! No one can say that Vaeh's heart doesn't 'belong' to Michigan - in a literal sense!

Resting peacefully. Although she can get a little spunky when messed with! Like my monkey? We're just hangin' out! (Thanks, Aunt Debbie!)

Friday was a good day all together. The cardiologists came around in the afternoon & said, again, that she is doing better that expected. As you see in the picture above, Dr. Bove was around today. He, too, said how well she was doing! That's my Spunky Monkey!

The et (breathing) tube is really agitating her when she wakes up slightly, so they feel that to allow her to rest the next step is getting her off the vent. Her blood gasses have all been good any time they wean (lower) her settings on the vent, so they hope to try for extubation sometime tomorrow. They aren't positive that it will happen, but they want to try. I think that their thought is that once the tube is out, she can rest a little more comfortably.

They've done 2 sets of cultures (blood, urine, & sputum) to see if anything grows that would be causing her to have a temp. It came down fairly well yesterday, but last evening she was warming up again. Although this could be because her night nurse had her covered when we got back there! I asked if she was cold, and the nurse just said "no." Okay, so why do we have a blanket on her? I told her she was a hot box. Of course once the nurse took her temp & it was up, guess what? Yep, she was uncovered! Maybe Mommy does know best!

She's also needed some potassium & magnesium replaced, but that isn't a big deal. We've been down that road before! Overall she's continuing to wow & amaze them this time! Gotta keep these people on their toes!

I just spoke with her nurse for the day & she continues to do well. Today (Saturday) they are going to decrease her morphine to see how she does. Then this afternoon they'll do her sprints on the vent & hopefully by tonight she'll be extubated! Vaeh is just amazing everyone, including Mommy!

I'm probably going to say this every time I post. Thank you, again, for all of the prayers & support! We truly appreciate each & every one!


Mina said...

I'm sure it will be a relief to get the ET tube out, but all in good time, right? Still praying.....

Wendy said...

Hi Tina,

I'm so happy to hear that Vaeh continues to do much better than expected! Those are always wonderful words to hear!!

The pictures of Vaeh with the bear we sent brought more tears to my's an honor to walk beside you on this journey.

I sure hope they can take your sweet girl's breathing tube out today! It's always a good sign when tubes start coming out!!! :)

Give Nevaeh a gentle heart hug from us. You are all on my mind and in my prayers.

Lots of Love,

Wendy (& Emma, too!)

Nigel Burrell said...

I came here from Emma Kubiak's CaringBridge page to offer a prayer for your precious little Nevaeh - she's so amazing. I really hope she continues to improve and can be extubated soon. Healing wishes sent from the U.K.

love, Nigel XXX

Vanessa said...

Vaeh is looking better every day! She is amazing us all. I love seeing our babies with their surgeons afterwards. These surgeons are truly an instrument of God.

I'm praying all continues to go well....and hopefully have her extubated tonight!

Give her kisses from us!