Friday, May 16, 2008

"Better than we expected!"

The title of this post says it all! The nurse today said when we got to the hospital to see Vaeh that she is doing better than they have expected her to do. Her blood pressure has been good, as have her other vitals. They did have to put her on an ativan drip, just to help keep her comfortable. She has also been needing doses of versed. She has been stirring some, and even opening her eyes today! When she does open her eyes, she looks somewhat uncomfortable. She tends to gag on the et (breathing) tube when they try to swab her mouth.

One of the floor cardiologists came around a little bit ago & said that her pressures have done better & as long as she tolerates a more aggressive weaning today, they'll try for extubation tomorrow! But it is all going to depend on Vaeh & how she tolerates things! They have already been able to wean her vent settings today some & she seems to be tolerating that so we're headed in the right direction. Her temp is coming down, but she is still in the 48 hour window for getting tylenol every 4 hours. Overall things are going awesome!

She is such a strong little girl. Every time I see her I am amazed by her wonderful color! I am going to be a little paranoid once we get home if I see the slightest tinge of blue! I just love that my little girl is amazing the docs! Thank you, God! We give you all the praise for Vaeh's wonderful recovery! And a big thank you to all of our friends & family that have & continue to support us through this. We wouldn't be where we are now if not for all of you!

*PS - Wendy, the picture is for you & Emma! I told you the bear would be with her!

Thanks for the bear, Emma! Luv, Nevaeh


Mina said...

Looking beyond the wires and tubes, Nevaeh looks great! So glad that she has done so well, hoping that tomorrow brings even more progress. She really is a strong little girl. Our prayers are with you.

Talk about being paranoid, I still don't dress Bilal in certain colors becuase it makes his lips look bluish and it reminds me of how he looked pre-repair! Hopefully there won't be a reason for even a tinge of blue once you get home.

Vanessa said...

She looks GREAT! Arianna keeps growling at the bear...kind of hard for her to see past that. :)

I am so happy to hear they weaned her some more. Wow..maybe off tomorrow, thats a record!

I STILL freak out when I see Arianna a little blue. Mainly her lips when crying but it's a bad reminder.

Give that precious angel some loves from us!


Anonymous said...

yay!!! so happy for you!!! been checking your blog every day since you left TCH!!! and sending along tons of prayers! I CAN NOT believe that that baby is PINK!!! I am so glad that things are going in the right direction... miss you guys... give my monkey kisses from her Ash! Love, Ashleigh