Saturday, May 17, 2008

Staying with the status quo...

Vaeh had yet another good day today. She was so calm & peaceful today seeming to rest quite well. She is still on the vent, & when we left tonight they had just drawn a blood gas that came back good, so they were going to sprint her. That means they will basically turn off the ventilator & let her breathe on her own & see how she does. If she tolerates the sprints (they'll do at least 2, more than likely 3) through the night, they will try to extubate her tomorrow!

I am just amazed at how well she is doing! She continues to please the medical staff with how well she is doing. Her nurse tonight, Jacqueline, said there is a chance that she won't even have to go to moderate care, but will go straight to the general floor! She's never done that before, so I'm kind of lost - in a good way!

Big sis is coming up for a visit tomorrow, so things will be busy here in Ann Arbor! It will be nice if Vaeh is extubated before they get here, but it won't scare Gabby as she has seen Vaeh on the vent before :0) If Vaeh keeps going the way she's going, we should be home soon! Please continue to pray that she has a full, quick recovery! And, again, thank you for all of your prayers!

**Please - if you visit Vaeh's blog, leave a comment! We love reading all of the encouraging words, they are a real pick me up. Plus we'd love to see all of the folks that visit here! Thanks, again!


Pam Doughty said...

What a beautiful girl you have! I've come from Asher's page, and I just love Navaeh's beautiful smile. Please know that someone else is sending up prayers for her swift recovery...she is so precious!
Powder Springs, GA

Vanessa said...

She is doing awesome! I like the plan of sprinting a few times, then extubating. Sometimes they get in such a rush and extubate to quickly. Hope you guys are resting...cause once she is awake you'll have your hands full.

Love to you all!!

Kathy said...

Yes up!
She'll be pretty mad when she wakes up and is off that vent (I wish they gave the kids drugs that made them happy when they woke up!!)
She's doing SO good!!! I am SO HAPPY for you guys!!!
And ready for the vent to be taken out...HOLY could go home next week!!! Are you ready for that?!?!
We'll keep you in our prayers...
Heart hugs,


I rarely comment on blogs - but want you to know we're praying for you and Nevaeh! Found your blog through Elijah's. Ann Arbor is an awesome place - she's in good hands! Michelle - North Carolina

Barbara's thoughts said...

praying for you

Wendy said...

Hey Tina,

I hope you already know that I check on Vaeh many times throughout the husband does, too, just in case we missed an update! (I have to admit that we just had a discussion on how to pronounce Vaeh's name, so I did a little research, and Wow! "Heaven" spelled backwards?! How cool is that?! :) Yes, I'm old, and behind the times! ha!!)

I'm so happy to hear that she continues to do great! Don and I are actually surprised that she's still intubated....of course, our doctors had no choice but to remove Emma's tube because she was so wide awake and angry right after surgery that she was pushing her tube out with her mouth!!! (Not a pretty sight!) It's a blessing that Vaeh sedates so well! :)

I hope that you have a good visit with Gabby....I'm sure you must miss her! And I'm sure she is worried about her little sister.

We are praying that Nevaeh's heart continues to heal and get stronger every day! She's one amazing little girl!

Lots of Love,

Wendy, Don (& Emma, too!)

The Portas said...

Wow, your little girl is amazing! Way to go, Vaeh! Praying for another good day and that you can get up to the other floor.

Sending you hugs and many continued prayers!!

Vanessa said...

Hope your having a good visit with Gabby! I hope Vaeh was able to be extubated this morning. I agree with Wendy...Arianna was extubated the day after surgery. But with Vaeh's past history I'm glad they are being cautious. Give both girls my love!

Janet said...

I check on you daily. Great to hear things are going so well. Matthew always battles to come of the vent (due to the lung complications) but always gets there in the end. We find each child to be so different. Trusting extubation will be without hiccup. You are an encourgement to so many. Have a blessed day.
Janet (South Africa)