Friday, March 7, 2008

We're on the move!

Late yesterday afternoon Nevaeh did something she hadn't done before. She was done with her bolus feed, so I put her in her walker. I was shampooing a section of the carpet, so I figured this would keep her occupied and happy. Prior to today, she was only able to go backward in it, so I put her up against the one couch so she could see the veggie tales on TV. Before I knew it she had herself over in the entryway by the front door. She had moved herself forward before, but not that far! It was about 10ft. I moved her back over in front of the couch. Then she started across the living room. By the time she was done, she had 'walked' herself out into the kitchen, about 25 ft. I was so excited - she's finally somewhat mobile on her own. Now the only problem will be keeping her in one spot for her bolus feedings! Oh well, its just nice to see her finally making some headway in the right direction! I'm sure she'll be walking before we know it, probably before she crawls (she doesn't want anything to do with being on her hands and knees in a crawling position).


Vanessa said...

YEAH NEVAEH! This is such good news. It's all in Nevaeh's time! Some kids just don't like to crawl so maybe she'll pass that completely. I'll check back on you guys again soon.

Jane said...

Hi there!

I found Nevaeh's blog through the yahoo group. Thanks for sharing. My little Ramona is just a few months younger than Nevaeh and also has TOF (with PA and MAPCA's). She's also had two OHS and many caths. I'm glad to have found someone with a similar history.

What a beautiful girl she is,