Thursday, March 6, 2008

On target!

Today was occupational therapy. Nevaeh usually cries through both PT and OT, but more so through OT. Michelle brought things to work on more fine motor activites, since PT & OT are starting to overlap. She had Nevaeh placing discs into a slot (ie: piggy bank), as well as taking things off and putting them on a stick. Basically she had to use both hands to complete the tasks. She did much better than either of us thought she would. She did everything with both hands, but tended to use the right hand more. Michelle said that she would test her to see where she is developementally in two weeks. Next week is the dreaded angioplasty, so we won't be having therapies then! I'm just glad that she's really starting to catch up with developement. Once we're able to go longer than 6 months without a major procedure, then we'll really make some major progress. That and once the G-tube can come out! Look out then!

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