Monday, March 10, 2008

Waiting game...

Well, we've begun the waiting game for the week. Hurry up and wait for the pre op appointment, hurry up and wait for Thursday. I just wish it were Friday evening, then it would all be over and we'd be home! Oh well. Today was another PT session, and the little stinker basically screamed through the whole thing! I've also figured something out. She will make herself gag now when she's upset. Today with Barb, she started getting worked up as soon as there was a knock on the door. At times she was screaming so hard, she was almost purple. She'd get so upset that she would start to gag and then the little hand would go up to the mouth and - gag! I think its becoming more of an attention thing, or a way to get out of doing something she doesn't want to. What an independent little spirit! Oh well, I guess you could say she gets it honest (from her Daddy!). Please keep us in your prayers this week as we go through this next heart cath! Thank you all!


Mina said...

Will be thinking about little Nevaeh, and praying that all goes well.

Vanessa said...

Maybe she just needs some extra she doesn't get enough, right? I'll be checking in tomorrow to see how pre-op went. Take this one day at a time.