Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The process begins...

Today we went up to Toledo for Vaeh's pre - op testing. We had to go to the hospital for standard tests (blood work - yeah!, chest x-ray, etc.). Of course, there was already a bad taste so to speak in our mouths from the last experience at this hospital. I tried to go into it with an open mind. Thankfully, Daddy was able to go with me (he tends to level me out in these type situations!). The first lady that took her information started us off on the wrong foot. She asked for the insurance card, and when Jon gave it to her, she said "this is the prescription." It took a couple of times to convince her that this card covers everything. Then the redundant questions begin, so much fun! We finally got done with, and then on to the lab for blood work. This was the biggest source of stress about the day for me. The last time here, there were two girls that tried on her, and dug on her. So I left Daddy to handle this and removed myself from a major source of stress. Amazingly enough they were able to get the draw off of her wrist. I was quite supprised, as last time they had to wait until she was under anesthesia. From there we went to have the chest x-ray done, and that was fairly easy. Then we met quickly with the anesthesiologist. All in all, not too bad so far. We'll see how Thursday goes.
We then went across town to Dr. Butto's office. She did fairly well there. Although the nurse couldn't seem to get a blood pressure reading. The cuff kept inflating, and by the third time without a reading and almost black fingers I asked that we try again in a little bit. From there we went to the echo room, where she did fairly well. They didn't have to give her any sedation, which was suprising considering she wasn't very cooperative usually. Dr. Butto then came in and said she looks good. He said everything looks good for her cath on Thursday. We did ask him about the sites he would use, and he said he will try to go in through the femoral veins, but most likely will have to go subclavian. He also said he would check the left leg, which he hasn't passed a line in for some time because he feels it may be blocked, but he was willing to try to see what we have.
Jon also asked about her formula and if we could possibly change it. Dr. Butto was suprised to hear that we still had her on Pregestimil. He said that usually they are only on this for about 2 months. Boy was he suprised when we told him it had been well over a year for Vaeh! We got the okay to change her to a regular formula for older babies. He even said she was a little over weight for her length and age! Ha! It wasn't that long ago they were pumping her full of calories so that she would gain weight! It seemed almost over night she caught up and surpased her goal! Now she's a chubby little bubby!
I'm just thankful that in a few days, this procedure will be behind us and we can move on! Who knows when the next one will be, but I'm hoping we get more than 6 months between this one and the next. One can only hope! I'll update as I can after her cath on Thursday - thanks for checking in on us! :0)


Vanessa said...

I'm so glad Jon was able to go with you to your pre-op testing. I just hate when they have to draw blood. :(

I'm sure it felt good to hear she was a little overweight. I would LOVE to hear that about Arianna. Good luck with switching her formula and know I'm thinking and praying for you all.

Vanessa said...

You guys are in my prayers! Please let me know how things went today. I'm so anxious to hear from you.