Monday, March 17, 2008

Still waiting...

We're still here in the hospital, waiting to find out if today will be the day that Vaeh gets to come home. She is still on oxygen, at 1/2 a liter & doing quite well. At times we have been able to take it off for a few minutes, but she still needs that whif for the most part. They were just in to draw morning lab work, and got it on the first try! They have really done a wonderful job with the pokes here! Of course she fussed, but not much and its over relatively quickly. We're going to go down for a chest x-ray around 8AM. Dr. Butto wanted it done upright in radiology today to get a clearer picture. She is still very white on the film, meaning that her lungs are still full of stuff, but continues to show improvement daily!

She loves to play with the stethoscope, maybe preparing for her career! She was so playful & almost back to normal last night. Hopefully everything goes well with her labs & x-ray so that we can go home!

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