Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Maybe home today?!?

I'm feeling so much better!

Big sis here for a visit! Lucky, she gets a happy meal!

Sleeping peacefully!

We're still here in Toledo Children's waiting for those magic words - you can go home! They had thought that she would be able to go yesterday, but after seeing her chest x-ray felt she needed to stay for another day of IV antibiotics. Today she seems so much better, less wheezy sounding. She is acting like herself more, playing, etc. But we are both getting anxious to go home. It will be nice for Nevaeh to be back in her familiar surroundings, and she can really beging to heal up. The pulmonolgist was in a little while ago and said she looks good, but is still diminished (breath sounds) in the left. I haven't heard what her chest x-ray from this morning looked like, but overall she looks much better. Dr. Butto is in the cath lab all day, and will be in this afternoon to see her. Hopefully he will have good news for us, like 'you can go home!' I think once she is home and in her chair, she'll do much better!


Vanessa said...

Oh I just love the pictures. You have 2 adorable girls! I hope you get discharged today. I'll be checking back later.

Take Care,

Jeff and Monica said...

WOW!! Neveah, my sweet babe!! she's a little girl now! Tina--I'm so glad you commented on our blog, i loved getting to see neveah's page! give my love to that little drop of sunshine....!! I'll be checking her blog!