Tuesday, March 15, 2011


So we returned for Vaeh's follow up visit with Dr. Butto yesterday. She was first on the list, so we buzzed right in & right through, until we had to wait for Meghan ;0) She's one of the gals that does the echos & she is fabulous w/ Vaeh:0) The echo went well, with Vaeh actually cooperating quite well through the entire thing (usually she starts to get a bit squirmy toward the end) Believe it or not, the little stinker actually grew about 1/16th of an inch & gained a half a pound in 4 weeks... wow! At this rate, she's gonna be 7 foot tall! Okay, maybe not quite that tall but she can slow down a bit in the growth dept! She's even been asking about when her teeth will begin to fall out... ya know, since Sissy is loosing her teeth;0)
Dr. Butto came it to look at her echo & said that "in effect" nothing has changed! Her pressures have remained the same even without the revatio. He had actually expected them to spike a bit, he told me later. Everything looked great! I then had to ask the looming question... are we looking at a heart cath? I think that Dr. Butto wasn't feeling the greatest, because he gave me a somewhat blank stare. Then he told me we would go back to the clinic in Lima in 2 months, & we'll do another heart cath between now & then. So, sometime next month we'll be heading into old familiar territory.
Its been 2 years since Vaeh has had to have anything done, so this is gonna be a strange experience. Although since this is number 7... we'll probably slip back into it like riding a bike - unfortunately :0/ I'm really dreading having to explain things to her this time, since she is old enough to understand so much more than the last time she had to have anything done. I am praying that it is able to be done at our favorite hospital... I know it will be a much better experience there:0)
For now, we just enjoy life without meds. No more syringes sitting by the sink, ready to give her meds (for the first time in over 4 years, I have my counter top back:0)). And we wait to see when this next round is scheduled for...

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Jake & Stephanie Ellinger said...

I hope everything goes well for you guys. We are having our cardiology appt tomorrow and I don't expect anything major to happen, but its the lingering what if's.

Good luck!