Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm terrible :0(

I'm such a slacker here lately! There's been so much going on & I've really put this blog on the back burner. I have tried to post a couple of times, but for some reason it wouldn't let me upload any photos. So, I got mad & gave up on the post. I've really wanted to share some great pics of the girls, but it still won't let me upload anything, except for one picture...

This is from Gabie's birthday party! Its the only pic that this silly computer has let me upload, & I'm glad I've gotten this one up. In the front, you see Gabie sitting on my sister April's lap. Then behind her (l to r) is Amber my SIL holding my nephew Austin, my brother Keith, Vaeh, Jon & I. This was the first time I had met Amber & Austin. I hadn't seen my brother Keith since I was pregnant with Gabie, & hadn't had the opportunity to meet his wife until that night. Boy was I glad for Facebook in this situation!!

I found my brother & SIL on Facebook a while back. So when I started planning Gabie's birthday party, I invited them to the party. Much to my delight, they accepted the invite & came for the festivities!! I was elated to have them here & to finally meet Amber & Austin! The whole family situation on my paternal side is, shall we say... quite mixed up! But, thankfully we were able to spend some time together & are planning another get together when the weather is nicer & hopefully can get all 4 of us (I have 2 brothers & a sister) together. I'm really excited about it!

In other news, Miss Gabie is now 6!! My baby girl is growing up way too fast! And for those of you who "know us", you may have noticed 'Gabie' is spelled differently. Well, that would be thanks to the mind of said 6 year old. She had mentioned it before, but never really pursued the matter until her birthday. She asked "Mommy, why do you spell Gabby with 2 'b's' & a 'y'? My name only has one 'b' & no 'y's'." So, based on the (very intuitive) logic of my 6 year old, we are now spelling it "Gabie." Quite smart if you ask her Momma;0)

As for Miss Vaeh, well she's just enjoying life & being a normal 3 year old!! She's actually been quite 'healthy' this winter, short of the typical sniffle/cold. I'm so thankful that we haven't had any major health issues with her this year. Its so nice to just be 'normal' - if anyone knows what that really is (LoL)! She has an upcoming cardiology appointment in a little over a week & I'm curious to see how things look. We all know the worries of a heart momma. Vaeh's been having some tired spells, & its so hard to decipher if its just normal growing spurts, being tired from a cold or something heart related. Its not significant, so I'm pretty sure its just 'normal', but all the same I'm still curious!

Now on to me. I'm sure most folks know, but I had yet another surgery a week ago. I had my gallbladder taken out. I'm finally starting to feel back on track, but am still a little sore. Thankfully, it was done laprascopically, so I was home that night. The sites from the surgery are still a bit tender, but overall I'm feeling much better.

Hope everyone is having a great week. In honor of CHD Awareness week, I saw this on a fellow heart momma's facebook status & just had to borrow it (thanks, Staci!).

A zipper scar upon my chest

for all the world to see

that congenital heart disease

has not beat me!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, & Happy CHD Awareness day from all of us! (oh, Happy Valentine's Day, too! ;0)


Lee Family said...

Happy Valentines Day to you and CHD Awareness day also. Love the photo of the family.

I am glad to hear everything is going good. You have been a blog slacker lately :) it is always nice to see a post. Take care and have a good week.

The Portas said...

I'm so glad you got to reunite and spend quality time with family. What a great photo of all of you!

I definitely know what you mean about anticipating cardiology visits and over-thinking possible symptoms. It's a never-ending cycle, isn't it?

Sooo glad you are feeling better after surgery. I'm sure it feels great to have that behind you.

Give those two sweet girls a hug for me! HAve a great week. xo

Kathy said...

Looks like you guys were partying a little TOO hard Tina!!!
GOSH...I can't even imagine if I got all my brothers and sisters in one'd probably see crying faces, mad faces, and silly faces!

The girls are just beautiful...and I am SO glad that you guys have had a semi-healthy winter....
do you want me to tell you that I just turned out AC on in the house??
anytime you're ready for a road trip...

Vanessa said...

You've been just as bad about blogging as I have been. It's just so easy to post everything on Facebook these days. lol!

I'm so glad you got to reunite with your family. :)

Gabie...LOVE her new name. :) She is getting so big!

I'm so happy Miss Vaeh is doing so well. It's crazy to say that this winter was also a normal one for us. Arianna had her first chest cold and even though we did the neb we didn't use the O2! Our girls are awesome!

As far as the cardiology appointment goes..I'll be praying for a good report.

Take care,