Monday, March 2, 2009

Sick... again:0(

Yep, its back!! It all started Saturday afternoon with Gabby not feeling well. She got sick a few times & then spiked a temp. Poor thing... was absolutely miserable for about two days. Today, she seems to be feeling much better thankfully.

The weekend before I had the touch of the stomach flu, & this time its the chills, fever, stuffy nose, cough & chest congestion. I feel like I don't remember what healthy is. Oh, & Daddy even got hit this time. He's spending his misery in the bunk of a Freightliner.

Luckily, Miss Vaeh is just plugging along with her old standby cough! Nothing new (knock on wood...) so we'll keep praying that she makes it through this without having to endure anything more. Hopefully we can stay healthy until next Monday. She has her follow up with Dr. Butto & we find out if the revatio is doing its job. They'll check her pressures on an echo again. I swear she'll be able to do her own echo's by the time she's a tweeny-bopper! I'm hoping that we are able to lower her dose to twice a day. This every 8 hours thing (getting back up at midnight to give her her revatio) is for the birds. That, & maybe we can drop the iron. She's been on that since her cath - her hemoglobin was a little low.

Hopefully all of our "blogging family" is doing okay & staying healthy... I sent sanitizer before this post, so hopefully that prevents any germs from spreading!!


Megan said...

Hope you all get better soon! Rest up!

Megan said...

Hope you all get better soon! Rest up!

Vanessa said...

Yuck...sickies are no fun. I'll be praying for health to hit your family.

I'm also looking forward to a good report from Dr. B. :)

The Portas said...

Thanks for sanitizing the post, that was considerate! :) I'm so sorry to hear you ALL are sick. YUCKY! Hang in there, chug through it, and hopefully at the end you'll all be done for a while. Hugs to you all! Oxoxo

Kathy said...

Oh...I hope you all get back to normal soon. What's the deal...winter should be over, the sickies should be hibernating!!!

every 8 hour meds...yikes! Yeah, it's time to cut that stuff out!!!

good luck!
and hugs to you all!

Lee Family said...

Everyone is sick again, It is close to spring time we all should be feeling beter what is up!!
I really hope she gets to feeling better soon I tell you. I can not wait until Winter is over. of course it does not feel like Winter over here in Las Vegas, I had to turn my Air on in the house it was 78.
All my hugs going your way..

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! I hope you had a Happy Easter! I had a lot of fun coloring those Easter eggs and so did Vaeh.
Love You,