Friday, February 27, 2009


I think I may change Vaeh's nickname to "Chomp". She's really starting to come into the 'normal' stuff that little sisters do. Today wasn't the first time this has happened, but it was the worst. Don't worry, its nothing too serious. But when I got home from picking "the cousins" up from school (who are spending the night with us:0)) this is what Daddy had to show me:

I know its hard to see, but that little red mark on Gabby's back by her left shoulder, is a bite mark!! Hence the name "Chomp." She's such a little stinker! Ever since we lost her tube, she's really gotten good at doing the little things... like taking a toy that someone else had, or biting. I don't know how to stop the biting?!?!

So, we'll see how the weekend goes, hopefully no more incidence of biting. That, & hopefully my house will remain standing since I have 5 kids here from the age of 12 down to 2. Hope everyone else has a good weekend!!


ASHLEY said...

I'm glad she is doing well, but I am sorry Gabby was biten. Mahaila has also started biting Isaiah when he makes her mad. Hopefully they will out grow it. Have a good weekend and good luck with all the kids.

mina said...

Biting's usually a phase, it came and went in our house. Hopefully it won't last long.

Have a fun weekend!

Dori and Addisyn said...

Oh Oh, Vaeh....I mean chompers....has figured out how to use those teeth for something other than eating!!!! Both my boys went through a biting phase as well. It usually doesn't last too long, thank goodness! I hope your house will still be in one piece aftere the weekend! Take care. :0)

Heart Hugs from Addisyn and Dori

Megan said...

Oh my! Ouccch! hehe. I think it's funny that kids bite, actually it's not--but ever kid has at one point! My babysitter who was more like a grandmother to everyone used to bite a kid back if they bit someone, not hard, but just to show them that it wasn't nice..most of the time that was all it took to get them to stop biting! Although nowadays, stuff like that is considered child abuse..

Kathy said...

I love her new earrings!!!

and the biting...YIKES! That's a good to stop it. I think these little heart kiddos will get away with just about anything....good luck! Maybe Gabby can just scare her(give her that "mean big sister don't mess with me face) one good time and she'll leave her alone.

Have a good weekend!

Lee Family said...

Sounds like you have your hands full this weekend, Try to stay calm with all of that noise.

Biting OMG my girls never did that I have no advice for ya sorry. Good luck with that.

jencooper said...

I think that Vaeh and Gracie should hang out together!! They can eat each other up! Does she take a pacifier at all? They told me that she bites less if they give her the paci while she is at school. Ugh. So frustrating!

I am sorry that it has been so long since I have posted. Blogger is blocked at school and I have had no time to get on at home!!


The Portas said...

Chomp! Wow Vaeh, expressing yourself with your teeth, huh? :) I have no idea how to handle the biting...let me know if you find an answer. Elijah does it occasionally without seeming to think much about it..

I hope you guys had a great weekend with minimal chomping. :) xox

Holly said...

Lol oh dear. Biting is not good. I don't have any kids, so I can't give you advice, but I hope you can work something out! :)