Monday, November 10, 2008

We're home... again!

Seems like I've posted this before! (lol) Miss V is doing much better, thanks to all of the prayers going up I'm sure! At least this time we were pretty close to home, like Jon mentioned. Sorry about the comments not being there on his post, for some reason we have to go in & check allow comments & he must not have known!

Well, she did have another pneumonia. This time it was the right lower lobe. This one was really tricky to find. She didn't have any wheezing/ rhales when listening with a stethoscope & her sats were perfect (100%)! They even did a straight cath to check for a UTI which was negative. It wasn't until the chest x-ray that my thoughts from her initial visit with the pedi were confirmed. I think I'm going to ask them for a standing CXR order!

Her white cell count did come back at 47,000 on Saturday, but as of this morning's blood draw it was down to 19,500! I felt soooo bad for my little precious:0( They stuck her twice & couldn't get a line in, so they decided to give her the rocephin IM, meaning a shot every 12 hours to give her the meds. And of course due to "hospital policy" they had to give her TWO injections each time they dosed her!!! That became an issue for me! The first dose was given in one injection without problem & then they decided to change it! WHAT?!?! I asked the nurse if the reason was simply to charge for two vs. one injection! (I worked at this hospital for 8 years, so I know how there "policies" go!)

So, after having home injections set up until Wednesday when she sees the pedi again, we went over for her appointment with Dr. Butto (her cardiologist). He said she looked great, especially for having a pneumonia! We're going for a CTA (CT scan of the arteries in her chest) & cath/ angio most likely in December (depending on my post op recovery & the doc's schedule!) He said it wouldn't be in November because of scheduling & he wanted to give her a rest to heal up from this bout! He didn't seem too convinced that she would come off the O2 after the cath? So, if you would all keep Vaeh in your prayers a little extra until after the cath, that she is able to come off that nasty stuff! That's what we're praying for!

So, we go back in for a follow up this Wednesday & hopefully can switch to an oral antibiotic! Maybe we'll have a hospital free holiday for Vaeh?! Thanks for checking in on us! I'll let you all know the dates for the cath, etc., when I get them!


Kathy said...

oh my goodness...I hope she starts feeling better.
I didn't know that you could have pneumonia without the wheezing! YIKES! You're freakin' me out now! guys need a BREAK!

I will keep you ALL in my prayers.

Amber said...

So glad you're home! :0)

You can leave as long of a comment as you want....I love them! :0)

jencooper said...

Oh man - so sorry to hear about Miss V. I am glad that you are home now. We will say lots of prayers for the little girl.

Please continue to keep us posted!!


Mina said...

Oh, thank goodness Vaeh's already on the mend. I know those Rocephin shots hurt, poor baby. But I bet she's still being a trooper. Hang in there, little lady!

Lee Family said...

I am glad she is home from the hospital, She will continue to be in our prayers. Get better soon. Hugs Karen

The Portas said...

Oh, I'm so glad you're home! That poor little thing. I'm so sad that the sweet Vaeh is sick and had to endure icky hospital. Sounds like she is doing well in spite of it all, though! What a star.

Looks like she and Elijah are on the same cath path. I rhymed! We will pray for that and for her to be able to ditch the O2. How awesome would that be?!?

Take care of yourselves. Sending you much love...xoxoxx

Krista said...

Yeah for being home...I was seriously considering road tripping it if you were stuck there for days...but now we'll just have to find another day!

I'm glad she's feeling better and praying that you can go with the oral antibiotics tomorrow...sending blesssings

Vanessa said...

I only have a quick second since Arianna is still awake.

Nevaeh is looking like just a big girl! I'm so glad she is getting better. Hope you get the CTA/cath schedule.



Vanessa said...

I only have a quick second since Arianna is still awake.

Nevaeh is looking like just a big girl! I'm so glad she is getting better. Hope you get the CTA/cath schedule.