Saturday, October 25, 2008


Okay, I know that germs can't be passed through the internet, but I've been wondering here lately?! Seems like all of our little heart friends are catching bugs, & now its Vaeh's turn:0)

She's had a stuffy nose lately, but not really running or any drainage. We kept her home from the halloween parade on Thursday night because it was quite chilly & didn't want her to catch a cold. Well, to no avail! She got me up this mornning around 4 AM with a plugged up nose! She wasn't too happy about me trying to clean her nose out, but she did tolerate her breathing treatment well. She was so used to that thing before that since we haven't needed to use it I think she's forgotten her former best friend (lol)! She didn't seem to mind it though, while sitting on my lap.

So we had a xopenex/pulmicort party this morning & as of 9 AM, she was still fast asleep! So, anyone else who wants to join our party... stay away(lol)! We don't want to pass this along to anyone! Praying that everyone else remains healthy &/or gets back on track soon!


Anonymous said...

HI, guys! I am so sorry Vaeh is all stuffed up. :0( I hope she gets better before Halloween! What is she going to be? I love the new bowling video! I might have to add a Wii to Santa's list...ha ha!!! Thanks for keeping Cole in your prayers. Addisyn and I pray for Vaeh nightly with all of our other heart friends. :0) The power of prayer is awesome!

Take care,
Dori & Addisyn

Mina said...

Sorry to hear Nevaeh is sick! Hoping this is a super short thing, and that she'll be better soon, WITHOUT getting anyone else sick!

Amber said... are in my thoughts much lately. :0)

Kathy said...

tis the season to be snotty...
fa la la la la la la....

(oh, I just crack myself up!)

Hope she starts feeling better, you suck all the snot out, and she can breathe! I'll stop sneezing on my computer screen...maybe I did it! sorry.

Vanessa said...

Poor baby, I hope she starts feeling better soon. We definintly don't want to join your party. I'm actually shocked that we haven't. I'll keep crossing my fingers it lasts as long as possible.

I did however pull out her inhalers today and put them in our diaper bag. October is almost over and November is sure to bring more illnesses around town. We are fortunate enough not to have the cold weather yet.

Try to get some rest.


Wendy said...

Hi Tina,

I'm so sorry to hear that Vaeh is sick! I hope she's feeling better soon...poor baby!

I loved the video of the girls playing the Wii! That was too cute! And Gabby's little dance after her strike was adorable!! :) (I miss my girls being little...they aren't that cute when they're teenagers!!! Ha!)

I hope that you're feeling better now, Tina. Know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers!

Lots of Love,

Wendy (& Emma, too!)

The Portas said...

Nooo! Not another sicky! I'm so sorry Vaeh is sick, too. I do think there must be some weird internet contagious bug. :)

Sending you prayers for quick healing! Smooches to the sweet Vaeh. xooxox

Lee Family said...

I am sorry to hear Veah is sick. I hope she gets to feeling better fast I just hate it when they are sick you feel so helpless. Lots of hugs Karen