Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bumps, bruises & babies!

I know, pretty strange range of topics in the title. But that's what we've seen in the last few days. Miss Vaeh is getting sooo good at this getting around thing. She is still doing her "Mowgli" crawl & looking absolutely adorable while doing it. But with this getting around thing we are entering new territory. For everything that Miss V has been through in her nearly 2 years, we up to this point hadn't had any "normal" bumps, etc. That is until last night! Check out these pictures & I think you'll get the idea...

Like my goose egg, with purple accents?!

The weapon!

No, I don't beat on my child!!She was trying to stand up while sitting by my leg, & instead of going up she just kept going forward. Poor baby, she has this purple mark dead center of her forhead! Luckily we don't have any pictures planned (lol)!

That covers the bumps & bruises. Now for the babies! No, we're not going to have anymore little bundles join our immediate family. However, one of my high school classmates has an adorable little girl that I started babysitting for today. Her name is Mylie & she's 8 months old. She, too, has a CHD (VSD & ASD) in addition to being 3 months premature. She's one tough, cute little cookie & the girls had an absolute ball with her here today. Vaeh was so funny. Mylie also has to wear O2 right now as her VSD is still open (her ASD was closed a couple of months ago). When Vaeh got up this morning & saw Mylie she said "My-e, noos" & was pointing to Mylie's cannula! How cute she was! Little Miss Gabby was 'the babysitter' today as well!

Look, Gabby, she has one just like me!!

The girls really enjoyed having someone new around. It was nice to have a baby around, too! Takes care of the itch I've been having from another one!


Amber said...

I love it!!!
Even the bruise, it means she's "mobile" ;^).
I love that she could see someone like her...very cute!

Keep trying Vaeh, you'll be running before mommy knows it!

The Portas said...

Mylie is a cutie! How fun that you'll be able to have a baby in the house for a little while each week. It's a win/win situation! :)

Those goose eggs are a requirement once kids start getting mobile. Purple looks nice on Miss Vaeh!

I hope you guys have a great weekend! xoxoxo

Jake & Stephanie Ellinger said...

That is awesome that she is mobile! What an accomplishment for her... even though it means more trouble and bruises you have to be so excited for her!

Good luck to you!

Stephanie Ellinger (Nathan's Mom TOF)

Vanessa said...

Poor thing. :( I hope she is feeling better today.

It's great that Gabby is such a little helper. I think it's wonderful that your watching your friends baby. There couldn't be a better person watching her than another heart mom.

Take care,

Kathy said...

Poor little head..I'm sure they'll be more in her future...we should make her a princess helmet...that will protect her.
Ask Meghan if you can have Elijah's old one!!!
How fun to have a baby in the house...your friend must think you are an absolute miracle and answer to her prayers...someone who's not scared to watch her baby (I can't find anyone to watch Isaac). You're the best!!!
You might be onto something...the O2 baby club! Can't you see the babies now...all rolling and crawling...getting their tubes all tangled up!
(oh...I'm tired and just being silly)
thanks for the update!

jencooper said...

I have seen your comments on all of my other heart mom blogs and finally got the chance to sit down and read yours...start to present. What a miracle Veah is...and a cutie pie to boot!!

I can't wait to continue following her and Gabby.