Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Racoon eyes

I guess it was just too much to ask of Miss V to go an entire month without a doctor's appointment:0) At her last cardiology visit, we were given the two month spread, so I thought 'yeah, no docs for an entire month!' Guess I won't jinx it next time!

She's been doing so well here lately that we've been taking her so many places, just like a normal kid. So I didn't think anything of it when we let her take a pony ride at the fair. It was a couple of days later that her eyes started looking a little dark, inflammed like she has allergies. Figuring it would run its course, we just kept her in for a few days & decided to wait it out. Well, miss thing had other plans! Last week on Friday night when I put her to bed, I noticed that her heart rate was up a little, not to mention she was breathing quicker. All it took was one touch of her forhead & I knew why. A fever of 102.4 came out of no where. So needless to say, we didn't get a very good nights sleep. That went on over the weekend, with a high of 103.8! Thank goodness for tylenol & cool baths!

So, Monday I called to schedule a well check for Vaeh along with a visit for the eyes & Gabby's pre-school physical. I wasn't very happy when I was given an appointment date of Sept. 22nd! What?!?! Thanks to insurance, a physical won't be covered for Gabby until then. They also told me a 'well check' would only be a 20 month not a 2 year. Okay, no problem. Then the frustrating part... "call back tomorrow & we can schedule a visit for her other issues." How rediculous is that! So now I have to make another long distance call in the morning to schedule. Not a happy camper was I!

So we get up on Tuesday morning, & Vaeh is covered in a rash & her eyes look terrible! She didn't have a fever through the night or in the morning, but just looked like she felt miserable. Poor thing:0( Here's a couple of pictures to show her lovely 'racoon eyes.'

So the rash was a viral thing (ie roseola - which I kinda figured). But Dr. McNeal did agree that the eyes were probably an alergic reaction, which the virus compounded! The doc gave us cream for the eyes & said that the rash would just go away once the viral course was over. She looks sooo much better this morning. The cream seems to be helping already after just one dose. Bye bye racoon eyes! Some day we'll be able to go more than a month without seeing a doctor. Hopefully soon!


Kathy said...

Those poor little eyes...
hope the meds help...
are they itching her???
Glad you were able to get her seen and get some meds! need to email me the girls sizes (ok...maybe you have already...but, i'm a space cadet)...I'm working on my halloween that means samples...SO...send me the girls sizes and I'll make some samples in their sizes (I'll just use them to take pics of and then ship them to you!)

Take care,

The Portas said...

Oh no, poor little thing!! I'm so glad she is looking better today. I hope she is feeling better, too. There is little that's worse than seeing your baby uncomfortable and sick. I want to give her get-better smooches!!

That's crazy about the appointment scheduling issues. I get so mad about insurance and weird scheduling issues. ARGG!

Take care of each other and get better soon, Vaeh! xoxoxox

Amber said...

Sweet baby!!!! It's never ya? She's such a cutie though...even with the rash and "coon eyes"!

Vanessa said...

Poor thing...she doesn't look to happy. Arianna had roseola too and it looks horrible. Give it a couple days and she'll be as good as new.

Give her some hugs from me!

Mina said...

How rough! I hope Vaeh feels better soon!