Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pigging out!!

Gimme some of that!



Thank You!!


So Vaeh is really taking off on the eating front. She's still a little picky about what she'll eat, which is an adjustment for me. Gabby was the least picky baby when it came to eating. Now she's started the picky-ness. But Vaeh is so limited at this point with what she can eat. She doesn't really want baby food at this point. She's almost bored with it. She eats the toddler cheese/ fruit puffs like crazy! I bought a can of them on Sunday & by Tuesday afternoon the entire can was GONE!

We've been getting more adventurous with what we give her. Over the weekend, we had a little get together with family in from out of town. When eating, there wasn't much to give Vaeh, but there was potato salad. There was a little smooth 'sauce' on it that she loved! She's also had a little bit of bagel yesterday (the soft inside!). And today, as you can see in the pictures above, she had a bit of pizza crust! Amongst all of the cheese/ fruit puffs & crackers she's had today! It was increadible, she took enough calories by mouth that we were able to skip an entire feeding! There is a light at the end of the tunnel!!

The other pictures are Vaeh displaying her vast signing vocabulary - which consists of about 5 words! We just started introducing signing a few weeks ago, but she is catching on quite quickly! I need to start introducing other words to her! She is so cute when she signs 'more, please' when we're eating. Its so nice not to hear her screeching & instead signing what she wants & there's no confusion!

On a quick update note, little Elaina is improving steadily & they've even begun preliminary talk of her going home! Of course, she still has a bump or two in the road to over come, but she is well on her way! Another little friend of ours, Kaitlyn just had a heart cath & as a result will be scheduled in the near future for her next open heart. Her parents are hoping that they can also begin to wean her from her ventilator soon! Please continue to keep these beauties, & all our little heart friends in your prayers! Hope everyone is having a great summer!


Amber said...

I LOVE the signs!!!! Such a big girl! The food set up looks familiar :^) we are still plugging away on that front, I will say...Grace is taking a good 5-6 bites of yogurt or applesauce on her own now :^) I love to see Vaeh's constant "growing"...

The Portas said...

GOOD GIRL! Being so polite..please and thank you, wow! We're lucky if we get MORE out of Elijah still. What a smart little girl.

Have you read the book, Feed Me, I'm Yours? Baby Wilson's parents sent us a copy because Elijah was having issues with the texture of food. It is a wonderful book and will have Vaeh eating everything in sight!

Mina said...

Great progress with the food, and what a polite little lady!

Anonymous said...

Hello! This is Addisyn and her mommy. We are sooooo sorry we have not dropped by for awhile but Nevaeh has always been in our thoughts and prayers! I think it is absolutely wonderful that she is learning sign language! It is so great for language and brain development. I am glad to hear that Nevaeh is doing well. It sounds like she is eating well, too! Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers for Addisyn. We truly appreciate each one! Take care!

Vanessa said...

Signing...eating...what's next?!?!

I bet you were beside yourself when you got to skip a feeding! I'm so proud of you Vaeh!!!!

Keep up the good work!

Mami Adame said...

Hello, was intrigued by your blog when I realized that your daughter has also been mostly tube fed. My daughter Angelina, is almost 17mos old and we are also in processs of transitioning from gtube feedings to almost all oral feedings. We use a Magic Bullet so she can eat what we have. Its a very small "blender" and very easy to clean and store!

Kathy said...

YEAH for Vaeh!!!
She'll be getting rid of the O2 and the feeding tube soon...gosh, can you even imagine when that day will come!!! PARTY TIME!~!! do you keep that canula on her face with out tape?? Isaac would just pull it right off (he does in fact, even with tape on it!)
Great job on the signs...Isaac isn't quite ready yet...but, I have the dvds and everything..we're just waiting for him!!!