Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sisters playing together

This morning the girls were both standing at the table, playing & arguing like little sisters do! It was all so 'normal' that it almost brought tears to my eyes. I've been waiting since we found out that Vaeh had a heart defect to have these 'normal' moments in life & they've finally arrived! I just love seeing my girls standing & playing together. And of course (as you can see & hear) they do act like normal sisters competing for the exact same thing. Even though they both have many different things to choose from they want the same thing. Its just so wonderful to have 'normal' problems to face instead of all the medical mumbo-jumbo!

**Make sure you scroll down & turn off the music at the bottom so that you can hear them arguing! lol


Mina said...

How cute. You can't tell who's the more determined one! It still amazes me, Vaeh looks great, so soon after surgery, and it's obvious that Gabby's not a pushover!

Vanessa said...

Both your girls are adorable. Gabby seems like such a good big sister. I'm so happy your finally finding that normacly we all need so much in life. I'm still trying to find that myself but I'm getting better at it everyday.

The Portas said...

"IRRITATING ME!" How funny!! I'm so glad you're able to enjoy the normalcy of things. How refreshing! By the way, those two girls are just cute cute cute!