Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Popsicles with Daddy!

Its been so much fun with Vaeh eating. We're trying so many different things & she's actually making some decent progress. All this without having seen the speech therapist since about 2 weeks before surgery! Vaeh still doesn't do very well with any texture, but again is making progress in this direction, too! Yesterday afternoon she ate a popcorn puff. Not once did she gag or wretch, so needless to say I was extatic! Had we tried this much even the day before surgery I surely would have done at least one load of laundry, if not two! Here's a clip from this past weekend where Daddy shared his popscicle! Hope he knows that he's just creating more competition for the popsicles! Check out the little ornery face & wiggle! Its a trademark Vaeh move! "Gotta love me!"

(**Don't forget to scroll down & pause the playlist so the music doesn't overlap the video!)


The Portas said...

That is THE cutest video! LOOK AT THAT SMILE! I think it just melted my heart!

Way to go on the eating progress. Every little step, no matter how little, is awesome!!! YAYYy!

Vanessa said...

She is so adorable! I love the little wiggle with that smirk! I'm so happy she is making progress. Keep it up Vaeh!

Mina said...

Man, that kid KNOWS how cute she is! Yummy popsicle!

Vaeh's Blog said...

Yes, she does know it & she works that!

Colin's Blog said...

What an adorable video-she is such a cutie!! Yeah for popsicles!! Isn't it so exciting!

Ok-how do you get her to keep her cannulas on without tape? Or is there clear tape on her face?? Just wondering because we have to make sure Colin's are on real tight or else he takes them right off!!