Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cardiology visit

She wowed me! Not one screaming fit at her "monthly date" with Dr. Butto. She did fuss a bit a couple of times, but overall was a smiling, happy girl! Dr. Butto asked me "what did they put in there. She seems like a different girl!" I don't know, but they better capitalize on it!

She fussed a little when we first got there for her appointment, but Jon & I both think that she remembers one of her first visits there, which ended up in a life flight to Toledo Children's. When we went back to do her vitals, she again fussed but the bubbles helped! It was a wonderful distraction. Thanks, Wendy! I keep those that you sent for her in the diaper bag! Her BP was about right on the money from where she was post-op in the hospital (114/68mmHg) & her sats were great! She actually hit 100%! She's up to just over 27lbs, & 32" long! My baby is growing up so fast! She sat fairly still for the EKG, again the bubbles helping! Even during the echo, which she normally screams through at this clinic, she was a little angel! Playing & just being a happy little girl!

Dr. Butto said that at this point the plan is to go to the cath lab in three months. At that point he'll use the cutting balloon again as she seems to respond well to that & probably put in a stent. He said her pressures on the echo looked better this time than compared to what her discharge echo from Ann Arbor looked like! We still need to be on the O2, but hopefully that will be temporary until after the cath. He did mention that she has a "foramen ovale" (basically an ASD - atrial septal defect) and this may cause her to need O2 for a longer period, but we'll have to see. Other than that, we go back in a month (that montly date!) and continue her current meds. I think all in all he was quite pleased with how well she's doing! And he was suprised to hear that she's eating a bit.

So, overall a good visit but new info popping into the mix for Mom & Dad (ASD). Life is looking fairly easy finally & we can begin to enjoy our family! On a side note, our little friend Elaina is possibly going in for open heart in the next couple of weeks. Please keep her & her family in your prayers!


The Portas said...

YAY for the good visit! Looks like we are still on the same basic schedule as you guys...we'll have a cath in 3 months, too!

Enjoy each other and your time together during this reprieve of medical junk! Kiss on those sweet cheeks for me. :)


Vanessa said...

I knew she would have a good report! What an angel she was for you. Bubbles...how come I've never thought of that. I'll be keeping those in the diaper bag from now on! Sounds like they have a good plan for Vaeh. God is good!



Colin's Blog said...

Great dr's visit!! Sounds like Vaeh is doing excellent-what fantastic news!!