Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I've been tagged!

I have read on other blogs where the author has been "tagged" to answer five questions about themselves. As my luck would have it, one of our heart friends' mom was tagged, & passed the fun on to me! So, here goes...

What was I doing 10 years ago today?
My memory with things not related to Vaeh & Gabby is kind of vague, so I'm going to guess that I was probably at work in the outpatient rehab unit at St. Rita's (our local hospital). At that time, I was working 10 hour days for 4 days a week. I was still living at home with my Mom & hadn't met Jon yet.

Five things on my to do list today?
1. Clean up the living room. The toys just won't stay off the floor!
2. Put the clean dishes away & wash the ones from making cupcakes yesterday!
3. Give Vaeh a bath - between thundershowers.
4. Put clean laundry away. It never ends, does it?
5. Watch a movie or the Disney Channel with my girls!

Five snacks I enjoy?
1. Chips & salsa
2. Chocolate - anything chocolate.
3. A nice sweet orange, juicy too!
4. Popcorn.
5. M & M's, especially the peanut kind!

Five things I'd do if I were a millionaire?
1. Give my tithe to church!
2. Pay off all of our debt.
3. Build a new house, to MY specifications.
4. Set aside college funds for the girls.
5. Pay off my Mom & my in-laws debt.

Five places I've lived?
1. Wapakoneta, Ohio
2. Wapakoneta, Ohio
3. Lima, Ohio
4. Wapakoneta, Ohio
5. Wapakoneta, Ohio
(I know, such an adventurous person, aren't I?!)

So, for any heart mommas that haven't been tagged already, now you are! Let us get to know you all a little more!


The Portas said...

Thanks for playing along! Fun to read about you...

Kathy said...'re a wild woman...
please tell me that you've at least visited other states!!!

oh my goodness!