Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Enjoying everyday life!

It has been so "normal" for us since Vaeh came home. We all drifted back into our pre-surgery routine, despite the 50 ft. oxygen tube laying on the floor! Its so cute to see Vaeh scoot around the floor. She does, however tend to get herself tangled in the tubing. She'll occasionally let out a screech to let me know "Mom, I'm stuck - HELP!"

She really seems to be doing quite well considering its just two days shy of three weeks ago that she had surgery. I'm always amazed at how quickly kids rebound, even from something so major! Most adults (myself included :0) would milk it for all its worth. Not my little one (and I'm sure all kids that have OHS). She's ready to get up & go, and I just love seeing her look so good!

Her incision is looking so good, although the steri-strips are still there. There isn't even that much that tempts Mommy to "pick" at. I am still in awe that she just had surgery less than three weeks ago!

Vaeh is still continuing to make progress with her eating. She doesn't seem to like peas, but does like sweet potatoes & peaches. She also started munching on a cheese puff (instead of the crayon!) today. I got her those little one's made for toddlers. She actually ate a little of it today! Most people wouldn't think that a half teaspoon her or there was much, but I am extatic about it! Hopefully the speech therapist will be here in the next week or two to give me some more suggestions on how to progress her! Here's to more happy eating!


The Portas said...

Elijah milks it for all it's worth! I wish he had some get-up-and-go traits, like Vaeh has!

E picked off his steri-strips while we were still in the hospital. Freaked me out, but thankfully everything was ok. I guess he just wanted to move on!

I'm so glad things are going well for you guys. Vaeh is a star. She's an amazing little girl!

And yes, you have been tagged! xoxoxo

Wendy said...

Hi Tina!

I was so glad to see a Vaeh update!! And it's wonderful to hear how well she is doing, too! These kids are just unbelievable...they make heart surgery seem like a piece of cake, huh?! It's like we need to remind them what a major operation their little bodies just went through!!!

It's so great to hear that Vaeh is scooting around in spite of her oxygen tubing. (I had worried about Emma coming home with it, and how we'd keep her untangled! Thankfully, she didn't need it.)

Good luck with the eating! It sounds like Nevaeh is willing to try more tastes now. That's a good start! Those Gerber cheese puffs are one of Emma's favorites, too! How does she like yogurts? Try something with a strong taste, like Key Lime Pie flavor...our feeding therapist recommended it. Emma used to like a little of that one....now she gags on the texture of yogurt. I don't know what happened.

Well, give that little sweetheart a big hug and kiss from us! She's an amazing little miracle!

Lots of Love & Prayers,

Wendy (& Emma, too!)